Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Flood Pictures

Here are a few pictures from Corinth, Mississippi (about 20 miles from us).
A Kmart employee posted these pictures on facebook.
Those are cereal boxes in the toy aisle.
See more pictures from Corinth here.
Jackson, Tennessee (where we shop - about 50 miles from us) also had a lot of flooding.
For those familiar with Jackson, this is South Highland - between Market Place and Walgreens.
The flooding caused a lot of sink holes in the area. This one is in Jackson.
We found this YouTube video of a bridge in Jackson washing out.
See more pictures from Jackson here.
Gov. Bredesen has declared 52 of the 95 counties in Tennessee disaster areas.
Click here to see an amazing video, taken by a State Trooper, of a bridge collapsing.
For more flood and tornado pictures, visit The McNairy County News and the The Independent Appeal.

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  1. I still can hardly believe all the flood damage. Naomi and Aaron just headed down to TN for a couple of weeks to visit places he grew up and his family. I'm guessing they'll give us a report when they get back.