Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farm Pictures

New baby turkeys!
Melissa got 22 baby turkeys last week.
They are so cute!
They have a lot of personality!
One of our hens
A rooster
Amanda picking squash bugs off the squash plants
The bugs from just 2 rows - she puts them in bleach water to kill them
Squash bug eggs - Does anyone know how to get rid of these bugs, besides picking them off every day??
Tomato plants
We plant marigolds around our tomato plants to keep the worms away.
We haven't had any trouble with worms this year, but potato bug larva have been devouring the plants!
The culprit
Cute little raccoon footprints on our farm road
Bean plants
A few blueberries are ripe!!
A squash bug eating a cucumber plant
A slug eating a cucumber plant
The broccoli - eaten by worms!
The worms from one plant - Again, does anyone know how to get rid of these pests?
Beautiful flowers in the flower garden


  1. I can help you with your question 'bout gettin' rid of your slug problem...you'll need beer, as it'll attract the slugs though, you guys look pretty religious & I dunno if you'd wanna do that, but if you've no qualms, then you use lil' fruit cups & pour beer in them & then bury them in the dirt to the rim by the plant that's being targeted by the slugs...you can put them all around your plants, & the slugs will drink the beer, & get drunk & then fall in the beer & drown...You'll hafta dump the beer once every one or two days depending on the amount of slugs you have...

  2. Someone told me recently that if you plant radish plants with your squash, they will repel squash bugs. I don't know if it works or not, but it might be worth a try!
    We miss ya'll! :) It's nice to keep up with you via blog. :)
    ~ Elisha

  3. sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the leaves and ground around the plants. It will kill the bugs, slugs, worms, etc. also is not harmful to humans.