Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Fun Afternoon!

Saturday afternoon we went to the back of our farm with the Gallaghers.
We wanted to show the beaver dam to the children before it gets torn down.
David testing a vine to see if it's strong enough to ride on
He decides that it is, and off he goes!

James takes a turn
Emma watches!
Livy wants a 4-wheeler ride!
David goes mudding


On the way back to the house we stopped to let the kids look at the "digger" that is parked in our field
Livy, Emma, and Patrick in the digger's mouth!
Nicolas and Patrick

The ride is over, but Emma's still in the back of the truck playing with Stuart!
She has finally decided she's brave enough to pet him!

Getting traced

Patrick is so funny!
Stuart loves to get attention!

Time to go inside!
The girls having fun with Grandpa Smith/Uncle Doug
Precious girls!
Making milkshakes with lots of little "helpers"!
Emily and Emma watch
Nicolas is SO excited!  He can't wait to taste it!
Look at those adorable eyes!
"Is it ready yet?"
The Gallaghers living near us is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!

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