Monday, April 16, 2012

Zoo Trip

Last week our church and some friends went to the Memphis Zoo together.

Everyone enjoyed seeing God's creation!

Meerkats are so cute.

Taking a rest

In the exotic bird house

Watching the penguins

Cute little zookeepers


Nicolas watching the ducks

The petting zoo was a favorite.

A few of the families enjoying a picnic lunch together.





David, Andrew, and Caleb

In the reptile house

Livy and a snake

Kyra, Edyn, and Sarah

Rebekah and Nathaniel

Livy and her Aunt Misty

Deborah and Livy with a monkey behind them.

Livy was a little nervous about getting this close to a gorilla even if there was glass between them.


This baby monkey was so cute!

Camel rides!
Deborah, Edyn, Misty, and Livy

David's camel ride (Andrew on the camel in the background)

Stephanie, Samuel, and Mike

Patrick, Hope, Emma, and Nicolas

The Heaths

Waiting for the sea lion show to start

Cute Emma Bliss

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  1. These pictures remind me of my family's trip to the zoo a couple years back! We also have eleven in our family. It is neat to see other families who note the importance of doing activities as a group.