Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Party

A few weeks ago the Gallaghers invited Livy (and us!) over for a spring party!

Painting birdhouses
Livy's excited!  She loves to paint!
Emma wasn't sure what to think about this!
Candy necklaces!
Rebekah and Patrick
"Ohh!  Can I really eat these?"

All finished!

Time for an egg hunt!
Livy finds an egg
So does Nicolas!
"Look right here, Emma!"
"There's an egg up in the tree!"
Livy needs help to get it down!
Looking for eggs
Still looking!
Emma shows off her full basket!

All done hunting!

Let's look inside the eggs!
Gummy worms! Livy's favorite!

Patrick tells everyone how many seasons there are
Hope reads a spring story

Lunch time!
Emma is thrilled to get a marshmallow bunny!!

Hope made a very special lunch for four very special children! :)
The children had so much fun...
..and we all had fun watching them have fun!

Thanks, Hope for having such a fun party!!

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