Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Eva Comes to Play!

Livy is always SO excited when baby Eva comes over!  (So are the rest of us!!!)

Grandpa Smith got a new swing for Eva!

She liked having Livy push her

I wonder what she's thinking about!


Playing in the fort

She's so cute standing up!

Eva's adorable hand

"Livy! Would you PLEASE take your hand off my head?!!" 

This is Eva's naughty face!  (We won't think it's cute for long!)

 The Cullifers' cow finally had her calf! We took the girls over to see it.

Livy was so excited!!

 So was Ella, who was here visiting her grandparents!  It was neat that the calf was born while she was in town!

Ella's Mawmaw (Mrs. Cullifer) introduces baby Eva to Ella's mommy and baby sister

Eva wearing Livy's hat

 Livy and Ella going for a ride with Ella's Uncle Zach and his friend Jovellyn

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