Friday, June 8, 2012

Church Picnic

On Saturday our church had a picnic at our house.

Daddy put up some new swings, which all the kids enjoyed!

Some of the guys playing basketball

Heading out to start a running race

Nearing the finish line

The little children played a game in which they had to hunt for clothespins in the front yard.

Emma says "Please!"

The little cuties after the hunt

Caleb, David, and Tyler shooting water balloons in a 3-man sling shot

On your mark...get set...GO!

They actually hit their target - Nicholas, the good sport!

Time for a water balloon toss!

And a water balloon fight!

We had 750 water balloons to throw!

I love the expressions!

They were having so much fun they didn't even see David coming up behind them...

You should have heard all the squeals! :)

David dumped and ran, because they were after him!

Rebekah P. getting dried off

Rebekah S. helping Carter

Mr. Coker and Daddy cooking the hamburgers, and Mr. Latch and Mr. Chelmowski visiting

Hope fixing Emma's bow

Caitlyn and Deborah

Bethany and Amanda

Rebekah and Mama Flo

Everyone gathering around for supper

Time to eat!

Brenna, Edyn, Courtney, Rebekah, Kyra, and Aylah

Emma and Rebekah

David and Caleb

Emma and Seth

Carter, Kristen, Penny, Bethany, Cathi, and Mama

Aunt Donna, Laurie, Deborah, Ashley, Melissa, Caitlyn, Mrs Coker, and Mr. Coker

Mr. Chelmowski, Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson, the Hammonds, and Amanda

Organizing into teams

Ultimate Frisbee!  (Using an aerobie, which makes it even more fun!)

Anna picking berries!

Seth trying out the horseshoes

Emma and "Granny Smith"



Nicolas, Ella, and Caleb



The kids 6 and under - minus 3, who were up at the house
Nicolas, Ella, Caleb, Carter, Seth, Bethany, and Patrick

Cathi and her friend, Penny

The Cokers

It was getting dark, but everyone wanted to do sack races anyway!

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Everyone had a GREAT evening!! :)

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