Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camping - Day Two

We all woke up bright and early because the birds were singing so loudly!

The early morning mist on the lake was beautiful!

Patrick took this picture

Our campsite was on a hill, so we could look down and see the swimming beach.

David and James decided to jump in and swim before breakfast.

Rebekah and Emma watch . . . 

. . .  and Nicolas, Amanda, and Patrick

Livy plays in the sand!

I thought this picture was so funny!
David, wet from the lake, chopping wood with a tiny hatchet!

Rebekah cooking bacon

Breakfast time!

Patrick enjoying his pancakes

Look at these sleepy kids!

Emma is disgusted that some syrup got on her pop tart!

Hope, Emma, and Patrick - This dock was at our campsite.

As soon as breakfast was over the rest of us went for a swim.  Poor little Patrick was not able to put his leg in the water because of some infected bug bites, but he was very sweet about it.

Patrick smiles at the swimmers

Livy trying to swim

James, Nicolas, Amanda, and Rebekah

Livy LOVES the water!

Emma looked so adorable in her life jacket!

James taking Patrick for a ride around the lake

Patrick pointing something out to Emma

David and James are crazy!

Water is so much fun!

Emma loved splashing!

Sarah and Emma splashing, and a game of "Monkey in the middle" in the background

Livy and me


We swam for about 2 hours and had the lake all to ourselves!!

At 10:00 we took a boat ride

Patrick and Amanda

Emma and Sarah

We passed this deer sitting on the bank

Livy leans over to give Emma a kiss

The kids were getting REALLY tired by this time!

When we got back to camp Emma took a nap!

She's so precious!

David and James got peddle boats for us to ride on and brought them up to our campsite.

The Gallaghers - minus Emma, who was still sleeping

David, Amanda, Deborah, and Livy

Once Emma woke up she got a ride with her brothers, Rebekah, and Sarah

Patrick wanted another group picture before we left, so here it is!

Livy was asleep before we got out of the park!

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  1. It almost makes me feel like I had the vacation with you. Thank you for posting about it and sharing the beautiful pictures!