Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grand Cayman Island

Last month Melissa, David, and Mama Flo went to Grand Cayman Island to visit Steven, Anna, Eva, and Steven's family. (Steven, Anna, and Eva were there visiting Steven's parents and siblings.)

The view from the airplane, leaving Miami

Eva with her Grandma and Pawpaw at the airport, waiting for Melissa, David, and Mama Flo to arrive

Here they come!

The pictures were all so pretty it was hard to choose which ones to post.


Mama Flo and Melissa

This house was faced with conch shells!

Steven and Anna celebrated their second anniversary in Cayman.

The island is made of "iron shore", and in some areas it is dangerously sharp and jagged.

Eva, ready to explore


Eva loves the fountains at Camana Bay

Anna had an ultrasound and learned that baby #2 is a BOY!

At the Pirate's Cave

Uncle David and Eva

Eva feeding turtles (and herself) with her Aunt Rachel

At the Botanical Gardens

There are so many types of palm trees on the island!  This one is called the "Christmas Palm" because of the clusters of red berries at the top.

Eva and her Aunt Hannah

Smith Cove  :)

An amazing mosaic inside an observation tower at Camana Bay.


Trees growing in a bog at the Botanical Park

The Turtle Farm

Turtle eggs being incubated

An old-style kitchen at Pedro St. James, the historical home of some early colonists.

They didn't get a picture of the Pedro St. James "Castle", but here's one from Google.

A baby iguana on the side of the Corbetts' house

A rare Blue Iguana at the Botanical Park.  Melissa thought it would run away as she approached, but instead it chased her until she jumped onto a picnic bench.

Sting Ray City

Eva and her Pawpaw on the beach - I love this picture!

Grand Cayman, from the air on the way home

All photos and videos on this post are courtesy of David, Melissa, and various Corbetts.  :)

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