Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Trip to Texas - Beth and Erich's Wedding

Last month we went to Texas for a good friend's wedding.

Waiting for the wedding rehearsal to start.

Beth, Deborah, and Ruth

"Where did you say we're supposed to stand?"

Mr. Wahlquist walking Beth down the aisle

Parents watching the rehearsal

The rehearsal dinner

Beautiful table decorations

Bridesmaids getting ready on Saturday morning

Melissa helped Mrs. Hale with the cake

Sarah pinning on Stephen's boutonniere 

Melissa helping Beth with her veil 

We enjoyed seeing many friends during our time in Texas.
Amanda, Emily, Deborah, and Rebekah visiting with some of the Hale girls before the wedding

David with some of the Wahlquist and Ehlinger boys

Rebekah and Amanda, visiting with Esther and Miss Isabel

Deborah was one of Beth's bridesmaids...

...and David was one of the ushers.

The wedding!
Here is a slideshow we put together with some of the wedding photos.

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