Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anna and Steven

Steven, Anna, and Eva (12 days old)

Anna and Steven Corbett were married on October 9th, 2010. We are so happy to have Steven as a part of our family! Check out Steven and Anna's website (http://corbetts.com.br/) for wedding and honeymoon pictures!
Steven and Anna (And Eva too!!) live in a cute little house on our great-grandfather's farm, and are planning to move to Brazil for mission work as soon as possible. When he isn't helping others, Steven stays busy running his media CMS business (www.motionmods.com). He is the oldest of seven children, and was raised in a pastor's family (www.thecorbettfamily.org). He is an incredibly kind, thoughtful person who cares deeply about people and enjoys investing in their lives. Steven likes sports, computers and cameras, does excellent construction/carpentry work, and is an awesome guitar player and composer (although he will always deny it).
Anna has strong, godly convictions with biblical reasons for them. She is thoughtful, generous, compassionate, and diligent. She puts her whole heart into everything she does and doesn't quit until the task is accomplished. We can always count on Anna to give us wise counsel or to help us with any project. She is a good sport and is always fun. If we try hard enough we can always talk her into doing things with us, no matter how crazy it may make her look. Anna enjoys music and likes to arrange piano duets. Anna also plays cello, clarinet, and guitar. Anna loves to read and is a great writer. She makes beautiful greeting cards and is very creative.

Did You Know That...?
When Anna was a toddler, she got stuck in a doll highchair. It had to be broken to get her out!
- Steven would like to live on coffee, peanut butter, honey, and cereal... (and milk, of course).
- Anna (or should we say Steven?) ruined our blog name. :)

- When Anna was 4 months old, she played the part of baby Jesus in a Christmas play!!!!!

- We like to call Steven "the preferred brother-in-law".
- Anna likes to go shopping -- especially at Goodwill and K-Mart.
- Cheese makes Steven sick!
- Anna really admires George Mueller and Hudson Taylor.
- Steven and Anna's mothers met at Walmart. :)
- Of everyone in our family, Anna is the most easily embarrassed.
- Steven can do just about anything.
- Anna likes to clean bathrooms!
- It's impossible not to like Steven.
- Anna doesn't like to sew!!
- Most people think that Steven is quiet... but he's just pretending. :)
- Anna and Steven were both reading at age 3.
- Anna will eat bananas only if they are still green at the top and have NO brown specks. Steven likes them best when they are brown!! *Gag!*
- Anna and Steven are frequently accused of being twitterpated.


  1. What a lovely picture, Anna, and a lovely girl as well. You were my reward for teaching Sunday School with your inquisitive mind and questions...I remember your Mama telling me not to tell you that, so you wouldn't get a big head! I love you dearly and treasure your friendship and love...you always encourage me! Love, Mrs. Beeman PS - many unknown facts about you in this post!!

  2. Now you'll have to post: Anna and Steven are MARRIED! :)