Thursday, February 7, 2008


Melissa Anne

Melissa is multi-talented and can do almost anything! Just a few of the things she does well are painting, gardening, sewing, cake-decorating, flower arranging and interior decorating. Melissa is also interested in architecture, music and politics. She enjoys playing the piano, cello and harp.
Melissa is very generous and will often give up her plans to help someone else. She enjoys learning new things and likes to give us long and detailed discourses on whatever topic she is presently interested in. :) (Mama says this has been a life-long characteristic.) 
Melissa currently teaches piano and cello lessons. She especially likes teaching more advanced students. Melissa is a skilled seamstress and is great at designing patterns.
Did You Know That...?
- Melissa walked at 6 months and weighed only 13 lb at the time!
- Melissa used to be afraid of nothing...but she is now afraid of many things, including heights, bridges, and any small living creature that creeps, runs fast, slithers, or is damp and slimy!
- When Melissa was 5 years old she almost gave our grandmother (who was babysitting while our parents were in Hawaii) a heart attack by walking across the small metal rod on top of the swingset!
- Melissa is scared to eat leftovers if they're more than one day old.
- Melissa sewed 42 thousand beads on Anna's wedding dress! Most of them were TINY!

- Melissa really admires Corrie Ten Boom and loves to read her writings.
- Melissa's favorite instrument is the cello.
- Melissa doesn't like her nickname "Mel", but says she has become resigned to it. It is shorter to type on emails!
- When Melissa was in first grade she got so bored with the normal lessons that she decided to make life more challenging by reading her books upside-down!
- Melissa designs and makes wedding dresses.
- Melissa recently won the award for the worst phone answering mistake. She said "Smith residence; this is the phone."!

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  1. I NEVER heard the antic of walking on the TOP of the swing set - I am surprised you are scared of anything now...but then, it is a mark of wisdom that you know things are dangerous! What a fun person to you much...Mrs. Bee