Monday, February 11, 2008


Sarah Jane

Sarah is a very creative person. She likes photography, graphic design, scrapbooking, sewing and crafts. Sarah plays the violin very well and leads our family ensemble as well as our string quartet. She teaches violin lessons and sewing. Sarah would rather play with babies or small children than do anything else! Sarah has a meek and quiet spirit and is a peacemaker! She enjoys studying sign language and has worked diligently to perfect her skills. She has been able to interpret for the deaf on several occasions. Sarah is always doing something for someone else. She edits, formats, and sends prayer letters for missionary and evangelist friends.
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Did You Know That..?

- When Sarah was younger, she had to have stitches in her forehead two different times!

- Sarah is a math and algebra whiz!

- Sarah likes to take pictures and videos.
- Sarah's favorite American hero is Robert E. Lee

- When they were little, Anna and Deborah thought that Sarah was almost perfect!

- Sarah doesn't like picking okra...neither does anyone else!

- Sarah loves to eat sour things

- Sarah seems quiet...until you get to know her.

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  1. Well Sarah...what can I say - Math and Algebra!!! My most hated things, but I guess we have crafts in is a real blessing to influence your younger thankful I am for your consistent example of Godliness and patience - I love and miss you! Mrs. Beeman