Saturday, February 9, 2008


Rebekah Lynn

Rebekah has a servant's heart and is always looking for things that need to be done. She is the one who keeps our house from becoming too messy! Rebekah is very loyal (her name means "devoted one") and she is sensitive to the needs of others.

Rebekah has a heart for children with handicaps and special needs. She currently tutors several special needs children and loves every minute she spends with them. She has a special gentleness and patience and the children really respond to her. Rebekah also teaches a few violin and piano students.
Rebekah enjoys crocheting and cross-stitching large projects and making things for "her babies."
Did you know that....?
- Rebekah can remember very clearly things that happened when she was 2.
- Rebekah strongly dislikes being late.
- Rebekah crocheted an American flag afghan for Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and his wife, Janet, and received a personal thank-you letter from them!
- When she was a baby, Rebekah ate a dead fly!
- Some of Rebekah's favorite people in history are Corrie Ten Boom, George Mueller, the apostle John, and Barnabas.
- Rebekah had lived in 3 states before she was 10 months old ~ California, Oklahoma, and Texas.
- One of the things that Rebekah dislikes the most is when people say "um" or "uh."
- Some of Rebekah's very favorite jobs are mowing the grass, sorting and mating socks, and cleaning the refrigerator.
- Rebekah loves the look of freshly mowed lawns and little boys with fresh haircuts.
- Rebekah's favorite hymn is Fanny Crosby's "My Savior First Of All". She also really likes "Jesus Paid It All".


  1. Dear Dear Rebekah - how I miss seeing you...Dennis said yesterday it is ridiculous how long it has been since we saw you last...I can hardly believe you love cleaning the refrigerator...I wish you had been here yesterday - I cleaned both of mine and hated every moment of it, except I did think how I ought to be thanking God I had two refrigerators! It took all day and I never even got the shelves scrubbed - that is tomorrow's work! Love you...

    Mrs. Bee

  2. Hello,

    I loved reading about you Rebekah you remind me alot of my sister "Rebekah." Your are very talented in so many ways.