Friday, February 8, 2008


Emily Elizabeth
Emily is a very organized person. She has lived up to her name meaning (diligent one) and has always been very diligent and responsible. She loves to smock and sew children's clothing and spends most of her spare time on those kinds of projects. She enjoys designing special and detailed gifts with certain friends in mind. Emily has some of her clothes for sale on her website Emily teaches violin lessons and especially enjoys teaching her younger students. Emily also likes to cook and try new recipes...which we all enjoy!!



Did You Know That...?

- Emily was a very calm, laid-back baby.

- When Emily was 2, she broke her nose when she fell into the couch during a race with Melissa. (Our parents were gone and a babysitter was watching them...)

- Emily's favorite places to shop are fabric stores.

- When Emily was little her favorite toy was a stuffed frog.

- One of Emily's first songs to sing was from Psalm 48. (She was 2)

- Emily likes to bake.

- When Emily was 9 years old she made a valentine for President Ronald Reagan. He sent her a thank-you letter and a picture of himself!

- Emily is the only Smith with an Oklahoma birthplace.
- Emily was once a mouse in a church play! She has also been an angel and a sheep in Christmas plays!
- When Emily was 13 years old she played for William Gillock at a "Meet the Composer" recital, and he autographed her music!

- Emily's favorite hymn is "When We See Christ."
- Emily's favorite time of the year is spring.


  1. This is so neat!

    Emily, I like to check your web site every once in a while to see the progress. It's coming along!!

    I really like these facts...

  2. And Emily has never done anything but bless the friends she has, as well as those who she doesn't even know...I love you Emily!

    Mrs. Bee