Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at Daddy Loren and Mama Flo's

This is our little cousin Allie Allie is such a sweet little girl! We love spending time with her. To see more pictures of Allie that we took on Thanksgiving click here.
Mama Flo and Allie have a tea party Allie doing the motions to "I'm a Little Tea Pot"Playing our new dulcimer Allie with her Aunt Lori Some of our Thanksgiving Dinner
Uncle Larry carves the turkey Time for pie! David takes Allie for a ride in Daddy Loren's wheel chair MusicAllie loved making her own musicFootball

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A New Instrument!

Our grandparents gave us an early Christmas present....
A beautiful hammered dulcimer!
The dulcimer arrived today while we were all practicing with Mr. Reynolds, so Tia got to open it! :)We all crowded around to see it......set it up......and play it! It was exciting!Thank you, Daddy Loren and Mama Flo!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun times!

We are so excited that the Reynolds are in town for a few days!Mr. Reynolds used to be a band director, and we are thrilled that he has been willing to use his expertise to help us prepare for our Christmas concert!He is a great conductor! This was SO fun!Mama and Tia visited while we practiced.Later in the eveningWe surely miss our Tia when she is not in town!

Pictures from Saturday

When we got up Saturday morning it was 17 degrees outside! David had to break the ice on the pond so his ducks could swim around. David with his smallest duck We spent the day at Mama Flo and Daddy Loren's, raking leaves. Mama Flo invited us to come early and have breakfast with them. Daddy and Daddy Loren waiting for breakfastTime to eat! Raking the leaves There is only a small entrance into the field where we burn the leaves, so we carry them in tarps!It was very windy, but Daddy and David kept the fire where it was supposed to be.
Before After

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anyone want a free cat?

Mama wanted us to take pictures of our cute cat, Chaps, but whenever we try to take his picture he runs right for the camera! Chaps followed me up and down the steps over and over. He is so cute and fluffy!
I'm sorry the pictures are so blurry, but he wouldn't stand still!
Down UpDown Up Down Up DownUpDown Up Down
This is the only good picture I got of Chaps. The only reason he was sitting still was because he was "hiding" from Stuart, who was looking right at him!

We still have cats to give away, including Chaps. Please tell us if you want one!