Monday, April 18, 2016

Race Day!

On Saturday Amanda and I once again had the opportunity 
to run the annual 4-miler at Shiloh Battlefield.

I'm not sure why I dread races so much these days.  
But, my fear and dread always disappear if I can take one (or, when I'm 
doubly blessed as I was this year - TWO) of my dearest buddies with me!
Not a very good picture of my precious buddies,
 but this is Nathaniel and Joleigh

-This was Joleigh's 2nd year to join me for the Shiloh race. Listening to her joyful chatter
and singing while I run always lifts my spirit!  Oh, the joy she brings me!

- Nathaniel has run with me in the past, and I was delighted that he was
up to running again!  Please Click here to see my miracle-boy's 1st race!

And...this is Mr. Germany - another runner we look forward to competing against each year.
This year he is 80 years old!  He is AMAZING1!!!
His (intimidating) shirt says
"You have just been passed by an 80 year old man"

Around 8:45 - the 100+ runners begin to assemble...

...and the horn blows at 9:00!
"Go, Runners!"

At the very beginning our threesome passed Mr. Germany...but not for long!

The first racer crosses the finish line!
4 miles in 26:48!

YAY for Amanda!!!
(I told her she had to make this race her "Grand Finale", since she's 
moving shortly...and she did better than she's ever done before!)

Crossing the finish line in 39:09!

Mr. Germany crosses the finish line in 46:58...

...and gives a great leap for joy!!!
I LOVE this picture!  Isn't it cute?!

Then, at last our little group appears
(can you see Joleigh, excitedly encouraging us on?)

I think Nathaniel's celebration at
finishing was as priceless as Mr Germany's!

Nathaniel's Mama and Papa are proud of their boy, too!

Joleigh and I are overjoyed to be finished!

No picture, but Nathaniel received a 3rd place medal for his age group!
Amanda earned a 2nd place medal in hers!  

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Courtin' Days! - Daniel and Deborah :)

On March 24th a very special person came to visit!  Two very special people, actually - Daniel and Mrs. Hale! :)  Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of Mrs. Hale from the trip....
I suppose this is because the cameras were all pointed in the other direction! :)

I am so grateful to God for this wonderful man He has brought into my life!

Starting the visit off right - with some Blue Bell! :)

Various siblings were sneaking pictures of us together with their phones. :)

On Saturday we went to Shiloh

Sarah snapped some pictures of us together while the kiddos played

Inside the culvert

We decided to climb up to this rock for a picture

Daniel helping one of our little guys up the hill

Walking up to the Indian Mounds

I am so happy that our little ones love Daniel so much! :)

Up on the tallest Indian Mound

On the Tennessee River

"This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes." Psalm 118:23

Leaving Shiloh - We look a bit happy, don't you think? :)

Basketball Saturday afternoon

Easter Sunday at Mama Flo's house

Cousin Amy and Katherine

Sweet little Katherine

Allie meets her littlest cousin

The Moore Four!

Daniel and I at David and Rachel's house on Sunday afternoon.
Sitting on the porch swing, sipping sweet tea... Can't get much better than this! :)

Sunday evening Daniel and I got to FaceTime with some of his cousins and tell them our news! 

Monday night Daniel and I went to Melissa and Ross' house for dinner.
Enjoying their sweet babies

Poor little Hugh has pneumonia, so he wasn't feeling so great

Katherine sleeping peacefully 

Story time

And all too soon the visit was over, and Daniel had to go back to Texas. :(  I miss him so much!
Counting down the day until we can be together again! :)