Sunday, May 14, 2017

And....another race!!!

Yesterday, May 13th, Amy and I (Rebekah) ran another race - It was only
a 4-miler this time, so we both tried to do better...

I am so grateful to Amy, for coming all the way from Paris, TN
to join me for this race again!  Love you so much, Cousin!

I enjoy running races, but winning them (or even placing) is not usually a goal.
I run for the fun of it, and for the challenge, but most of all, I run for the good company!

This race was SAD for me!  My dear little running-buddy was recently very ill,
and not up to riding along in my stroller, and I missed her so very much!!

As I prepared for this race, my heart wasn't really in it...
This is where my heart was
Praise the Lord that she is out of the hospital now, and recovering

(But, Boy did I miss you this year, Joleigh!)
I wore a special shirt to the race, in honor of my
missing running buddy! 

Feeling nervous, and scared, and wanting so badly to change my mind about
participating, we got to Shiloh Battlefield, (where the race was held)
and who should be there to greet us, but General Grant himself!!! 😉

Amy and I got our "before race" picture with him

When the runners began to assemble, I got more and more nervous
(My teeth always chatter before races, even when it's warm!)
I just wished I was safely in the back of the group, with "my" little girlie in my stroller! 

So, the race started and we all set out...

This time I have a few pictures of some runners on the course,
since there were several professional photographers stationed along the way

Shiloh Battlefield is one of the most lovely, peaceful places to run!

Somewhere in the 3rd or 4th mile, I realized that there were only
2 female runners ahead of me.  Then it dawned on me that there was a possibility
that I might could win Female 3rd place "over all"!  

I've never placed "over all" before, and never cared to.  
I've always just wanted to enjoy the race with one of my little buddies... 

But, suddenly, I was determined!  I have a fierce determination, 
and I'm not going to let anything get in my way! 
I had been running only half-heartedly before this, but not anymore!
I started to RUN, hard!!!

I noticed a woman was gaining on me...she was getting closer...and closer...
she caught up and we were running side-by-side...then she passed me!
I wouldn't have this!!!  

I had no energy left, but somehow I clenched my teeth and fists,
and I mustered up some strength from somewhere...
I shot out in front of her, and left her way behind!! 

For the next half-mile or so, I ran like I never have...
...and finished, 3rd place Female Over All!!!!!
I can't believe I did it... I wasn't even trying (until that last half-mile or so)
and I'll likely never try again (as I HATE to run without one of my buddies)
but at least there was something to get my mind off that lonely run!

Amy came along soon, finishing 3rd in her age division!
Great run, Amy!

And here is our 81-yr-old friend/neighbor, Mr Germany
Nice job, Mr. Germany!

The awards ceremony was fun! (ever been handed a plaque by
General Ulysses S. Grant before?) 

And a special prize for the oldest runner!

So, I think that's it for running for awhile (for me, anyway!)

 What a reward!!!!
After the race, we came back to our house, and Sarah had made a beautiful and DELICIOUS strawberry shortcake for everyone to enjoy!
Thank you, Sarah!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


On Saturday, May 6th, four of us (Rebekah, David, Daniel, and our cousin, Amy)
did something none of us had ever done before....  We ran a 10K!!!

Here we are, looking nice and fresh before the race
(L to R - Amy, Rebekah, Daniel, David)

We knew it would be a long (and lonely) time to be running alone, so 
Amy and I had decided we'd go together, and just enjoy our time

Just one week before, our two-member "running team" had been a team of three,
but the Saturday before the race, one of our group suffered a concussion and was
not able to join our run, though our sweet, loyal sister was there to cheer us on!
(thoroughly protected from the glaring sun, as she wasn't fully recovered from the head trauma)
We missed having you run with us, Rachel!!! 😢

At 8:20 that morning, a very special group of racers began - the wheelchair division!
There were 6 children being pushed in their chairs, and toward the middle of the picture 
below, you'll see Jay, an amazing racer, and the only self-propelled wheelchair in the race

I HAD to include this picture, and make it as big as I could, because the brilliant, smiling face of this lovely girl truly blessed my heart!
While we were standing there, waiting (nervously) for the race to begin, this precious girl was there, grinning merrily, and bringing joy to everyone who looked her way. 
I don't think that smile ever left her face!  She was like a ray of sunshine!

Isn't she precious??!!

Here is Jay, already quite a bit ahead...
(and little "Sunshine":) )

After giving the wheelchairs a head start, the rest of us began to assemble.
There were 1,303 runners from all over the country
(Look at this humongous group! I had never before tried to run in such a mob!)

Daniel is an excellent runner, and was able to start near the front of the 
"pack" with the other fast racers.
(That's him in the camo shirt, with a cap and sunglasses)

Amy and I started waaaaay back - with the other slow folk.
(We are the two waving in the picture below, behind the ladies in white, green, and mint)
Just look at the mob we were in, and imagine trying to run in this!
It didn't even begin to thin out until we'd gone about a mile...but I had good company, so it didn't matter!

David got injured near the beginning of the race, but in this crowd, none of our
group even saw him and we all ran right past!

The race wound through a beautiful residential area, where many families
were standing by, cheering us on from their front yards.  That was fun and encouraging!
We have no pictures of it though, since our photographers didn't run along beside us... the very next picture we have is of the swift and fit-looking 1st place finisher,
as he sprints toward the finish line!!!  HOORAY!!!! 

WOW!!!   A 32 minute, 53 second finish!

And here comes Jay!
In just 45 minutes and 26 seconds, Jay propels himself across the finish line!

...crossed the finish line in 48.22!
Daniel was finisher #113, of 1,303 runners!
Way to go, Daniel!

Deborah was waiting at the finish line to congratulate her runner!

Oh my! I look like I'm running away from Amy! (Sorry, Amy!)
Even though our "run" together had been extremely enjoyable, I think I must
have seen the finish line approaching and just wanted to be finished!

This picture's just proof that we both finished!

Our friend and neighbor, Mr Germany, at 81 years old,
finished in 1 hour and 21 minutes!

After waiting around for David for awhile (remember that he was injured
not far into the course) Daniel volunteered to go back in search of him.
By this time he had recovered enough, and was finishing the race at a jog
We were so happy to see him coming!  "Come on, David!!"

After 1 hour, 44 minutes, and 19 seconds 
the last of our group crossed the finish line!

Happy that it's over, and SO HAPPY that we did it!!!

(Who's ready for a marathon next year???)

The Lewis Edition: April Happenings

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Easter weekend we had the opportunity to go camping.
The campground at Lavon Lake was full, so
we ended up camping in this beautiful spot!

Lake Holbrook

 Such a quiet, peaceful place!

 Nighttime on the lake

The next morning Russell practiced ...

 ... while I took pictures.

We so enjoyed the wildlife at this lake!
There were so many songbirds, as well as water birds, 
squirrels and ... snakes! 

Daddy, Mommy and baby

Water snake

The area where we camped:

That particular weekend happened to be the weekend of the
Highway 80 Sale, which made things all the more fun!
We enjoyed stopping and looking at what various people
 were selling.

 We also got to tour several tiny homes!

Next, we walked around downtown Wills Point ... one of those
 neat, "Texas-looking" towns!  I love the brick streets.

We ended the day eating at one of our favorite places,
Taco Cabana.

Easter morning we got up earlier than bright and early ;)
and headed to Greenville to attend church with
Deborah and Daniel.

Sunrise service

 Looking a little rough after a couple days of camping! ;)
(And thanks to Deb for many of these pictures!)

After a special worship service and brunch,
Deb and Dan joined us at the campsite!

Our little tent and their big tent ...
or, "the big house" and "the servant's quarters"! ;)


Russell and I making breakfast the next morning


We had so much fun spending time with these two ...
 or, should I say "three"? ;)

And, now, back home ...
after waiting nearly a month, we finally
 had the first visitor to our bird feeder!

We named him, "Chip," because that's what he says. :)

Peek-a-boo, Chip!
 Chip and his wife :) have become regular visitors.
We've also had chickadees, sparrows and finches.
 They are such fun to watch!

Calligraphy practice

The weekend after Easter, Deborah came and 
spent the day with us while Daniel attended 
a fire fighter class in a nearby town. 

Deb helped me repot my vegetable plants
 into 5 gallon buckets.  They are very happy 
with the extra room!

Here they are on a beautiful, rainy day!

The tomatoes have really shot up this month, going from this ...

... to this!!

A doughnut from my fella ... 
one of several this month! 😍

God is good!!!