Friday, February 15, 2008


David Jesse

David is the 6' 2" baby of the family and he's always been very personable and outgoing. He is a very giving person who loves to buy things for others, and because of his generosity he always has more to give away! David is very handy and can fix just about anything. He can often be found surrounded by piles of wires, tools, screws and other paraphernalia as he works on his latest contraption. David is very creative and intuitive. Over the summer David worked with Daddy and Jonathan at a local body shop that specializes in RV repair. David also does a lot of work for us around the farm. David can make anyone laugh.
Did You Know That...?
  • David is also known as "Jess," "Jesse-Bob," "Bobby," and a whole host of other nicknames.
  • David hopes to own a horse someday.
  • As a very little boy, David gagged whenever he smelled silly putty or erasers. His older siblings often had him smell things just to watch his reaction.
  • When David was 4 or 5, he watched Daddy repair his chain saw, then went upstairs, got his toy chain saw that had been broken a long time, and proceeded (successfully) to fix it!
  • David was really looking forward to losing his first tooth, but when it finally happened, he was eating breakfast...and he swallowed it!
  • David has been fixing watches for friends and relatives since he was little!
  • One evening after supper, while some of us were being noisy at the table, David covered his ears and exclaimed, "There's a great compassion at this table!" (Of course, he meant "commotion.")
  • David's favorite instrument to play is the banjo, but he can also play trombone, trumpet and piano.
  • David loves to celebrate!
  • One of David's favorite things to do is ride the 4-wheeler...second only to riding a horse!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Jonathan Douglas

Jonathan is the first-born son in our family and he is a mature and dependable young man. He has always been very studious and he loves history. He also loves to read, especially military history and American politics - two areas that he's very interested in. Jonathan has good character and is always steady, careful and diligent. He enjoys sports and physical exercise, computers, music, and books. He is fun to be around! Jonathan is a student at Oak Brook College of Law.

Did You Know That...?
- Jonathan holds the interesting position of being both the 8th child in his family AND the first-born son!
- Jonathan's favorite American hero is Stonewall Jackson.
- Jonathan is a walking history book.
- When Jonathan was very young, he was terribly frightened by any animals. We were extremely surprised then, when at the age of 4, he accepted a snake trainer's invitation to pet a huge albino python!
- One day when Jonathan was about 3, Mama gave him some yogurt for a snack. She told him not to tell the younger girls that he'd eaten it because there was none left for them. Jonathan finished his yogurt, then went outside to where the girls were playing. He stood straight and tall before them and proclaimed very seriously, "I'm not supposed to tell you that I had yogurt!"
- When Jonathan was little, he wanted to be a garbage collector when he grew up!
- Jonathan laughs at jokes that the rest of us don't even think are funny!
- Jonathan is a good sport and doesn't mind being teased.
- One of Jonathan's favorite things to do is play football.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Deborah Faith
Deborah is a lot of fun! She has a very cheerful and light-hearted personality and she keeps us all laughing! Deborah is also very merciful and tender-hearted. She's always sensitive to those who are hurting or in need. She enjoys researching our family's geneology and has successfully traced our Smith family history back over a thousand years. She likes using her family tree software to organize her data. Deborah is also a very good photographer! She very much enjoys babysitting regularly for our 2-year-old cousin, Olivia.

Did You Know That...?

- The first time Deborah was left with a babysitter without any older siblings to "protect" her, she hid under the bed and the babysitter couldn't find her! (She was 4 and remembers it well!)

- Deborah says that she used to show off excessively!

- Deborah is very bold and has never met a stranger!
- When Deborah was 5 years old she fell into our harp teacher's swimming pool while playing "follow-the-leader" with some of her sisters. (It was winter-time!)
- Deborah's favorite thing to do is play with babies and small children.
- Deborah has always loved Beatrix Potter's hedgehog character, "Mrs. Tiggywinkle."
-One of Deborah's interesting hobbies is collecting bones, fossils and similar objects. She displays her collection in her museum, "The Smithsonian."
- When Deborah was little she was sitting on the bench at our kitchen table. She decided to see how far she could lean back before she fell...and when she fell she got a concussion!
- Deborah likes to make up words to describe things or feelings.
- Deborah's favorite American heroes are Sgt. Alvin C. York and Mike Huckabee.
- Deborah's favorite instrument to play is definitely the fiddle.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anna and Steven

Steven, Anna, and Eva (12 days old)

Anna and Steven Corbett were married on October 9th, 2010. We are so happy to have Steven as a part of our family! Check out Steven and Anna's website ( for wedding and honeymoon pictures!
Steven and Anna (And Eva too!!) live in a cute little house on our great-grandfather's farm, and are planning to move to Brazil for mission work as soon as possible. When he isn't helping others, Steven stays busy running his media CMS business ( He is the oldest of seven children, and was raised in a pastor's family ( He is an incredibly kind, thoughtful person who cares deeply about people and enjoys investing in their lives. Steven likes sports, computers and cameras, does excellent construction/carpentry work, and is an awesome guitar player and composer (although he will always deny it).
Anna has strong, godly convictions with biblical reasons for them. She is thoughtful, generous, compassionate, and diligent. She puts her whole heart into everything she does and doesn't quit until the task is accomplished. We can always count on Anna to give us wise counsel or to help us with any project. She is a good sport and is always fun. If we try hard enough we can always talk her into doing things with us, no matter how crazy it may make her look. Anna enjoys music and likes to arrange piano duets. Anna also plays cello, clarinet, and guitar. Anna loves to read and is a great writer. She makes beautiful greeting cards and is very creative.

Did You Know That...?
When Anna was a toddler, she got stuck in a doll highchair. It had to be broken to get her out!
- Steven would like to live on coffee, peanut butter, honey, and cereal... (and milk, of course).
- Anna (or should we say Steven?) ruined our blog name. :)

- When Anna was 4 months old, she played the part of baby Jesus in a Christmas play!!!!!

- We like to call Steven "the preferred brother-in-law".
- Anna likes to go shopping -- especially at Goodwill and K-Mart.
- Cheese makes Steven sick!
- Anna really admires George Mueller and Hudson Taylor.
- Steven and Anna's mothers met at Walmart. :)
- Of everyone in our family, Anna is the most easily embarrassed.
- Steven can do just about anything.
- Anna likes to clean bathrooms!
- It's impossible not to like Steven.
- Anna doesn't like to sew!!
- Most people think that Steven is quiet... but he's just pretending. :)
- Anna and Steven were both reading at age 3.
- Anna will eat bananas only if they are still green at the top and have NO brown specks. Steven likes them best when they are brown!! *Gag!*
- Anna and Steven are frequently accused of being twitterpated.