Jonathan is the first-born son in our family.  He's fun, hard-working, opinionated, steady, and studious.

Jonathan likes watching and playing sports, computers, music, military history, and politics.  He's an amazing guitarist and a really great brother, uncle, and friend!

Jonathan has worked for various political campaigns in Tennessee and Virginia.  He has a law degree from Oak Brook College of Law, and has spent 4 years working as a law clerk at Commonwealth Law Offices in Virginia.

A few facts you might not know about Jonathan...
  • Jonathan's favorite instrument to play is the guitar, but he can also play several other instruments.
  • When Jonathan was younger he wanted to be a garbage man when he grew up
  • It's really easy to make Jonathan laugh  :)
  • Jonathan's favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.  He's also a big fan of other Texas sports teams as well as the Nashville Predators.

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