Saturday, October 22, 2011

Please pray for Jonathan and his classmates who are in Pasadena, CA, this week, preparing for the "Baby Bar" exam on Tuesday!
Studying hard!
(Photos from Oak Brook College of Law Alumni Association)

Fun With Little Ones!!!

We've had a LOT of little ones around here lately!
A couple months ago we started keeping these two sweet little ones one day a week. They are so precious!!
Our cousin, Noelle
Precious Patrick
One day we had 6 little ones!  It was so much fun!!
Playing "Duck, Duck, Goose!"
Blowing bubbles
Patrick, Ella, Noelle, Livy, and Nicolas
Livy, Ella, Haven, and Aislyn
Ella, Noelle, and Livy playing "Hide 'n' Seek"
Livy's not afraid of dirty laundry!
Our neighbor's granddaughter, Ella, recently visited them for 3 weeks. We had the pleasure of having her in our home each weekday while they were at work. 
Ella busy with her schoolwork
Sarah helped Ella make this ABC book.
I love this video of Ella and Livy reading their word flashcards!!

But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. -Luke 18:16

Hay Ride!

A few weeks ago our neighbors, the Cullifers, invited us over for a hay ride!
 Friends from church, Mike and Samuel...
 ...and the Gallaghers came along.
 Rebekah and Nicolas
Headed down our farm road 
Cotton fields
 Amanda and Emma
 Emily and Patrick
 Sarah and Ella
 Patrick and Deborah
 Samuel and Mike
Everyone had a lot of fun!

 At the Cullifers' house after the hayride, roasting marshmallows.
 Mrs. Cullifer
David and James
 Patrick wearing Aunt Deborah's sweatshirt :)
 Playing games with the children
 Ella and her "Pawpaw", Mr. Cullifer

Field Trip to Shiloh!

The children enjoyed dressing up like Confederate Soldiers!
Emma and Nicolas
Ella and Livy
Some of my favorite photos from the day...

  In Shiloh Church
 Feeding Nicolas :)
At Rhea Springs
 Livy imitates a soldier she saw on the Shiloh movie, while Josiah and Ella look on.
 Emma says, "Why are you up there, Big Brother?"
At the end of the field trip - Nathanael, Emma, Michael, Jonathan, Josiah, Livy, Ella, Patrick, and Nicolas by the river