Friday, November 2, 2018

The Lewis Edition: September and October

September found us looking quite diligently for a home and land ...
and we found it!!!

After searching for several months it was pretty exciting
to finally find a place and feel like, "This is IT!"
We are so thankful to the Lord for His provision!

View of our property from the road. It's 2 beautiful acres!

There are two giant, gnarly old oaks on the property...

...and a tiny "pond"!

One thing we're particularly excited about is that we'll
be almost next-door to our dear friends, the Dietz!

Our home was a model (manufactured) home.
We fell in love with it the first time we saw it!

 Pretty fun that it came with the furniture and everything in it! 😀

Just a few pictures now since there will be plenty more. ;)
SO looking forward to painting and decorating our own little home!

It looks as though we'll be able to move in January ...
quite a bit to do between now and then to get
the land cleared and ready for our home!

We enjoyed a visit from Ross, Mel, Hugh and Katherine in October!

We went on an outing to see the trains in Mineola.

Even got to see a passenger train!



While waiting for the next "real" train, Hugh (and Aunt Amanda!)
enjoyed the model train inside the train station.

It is set up like the town of Mineola in the early 1900's...
and there is a button to push to make it run!

Afterwards we had lunch at the East Texas Burger Company.

Morning snuggles and a book with Uncle Russell!

It was wonderful spending time with our family;
can't wait until next time!