Monday, June 24, 2013

Babies, Babies, Babies

After church last week we decided to get pictures of all the babies together.
Clockwise from top left:  Isabel (2 months), William (8 months), Audri (3 months), and Hudson (3 months)

Aren't they adorable?!

The 3 youngest - they were all born within 4 weeks of each other.

We tried to get a few pictures of just the boys, but that didn't go over too well.

Another try
Now William is he decides to grab Hudson's ear

Hudson looks terrified

William says "That was fun!"

Oh well, they're cute even when they're not smiling and looking at the camera.  Maybe we'll try again when they get a little older.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Cookout and Bubbles

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a cookout in our back yard.

David roasting the hotdogs

Hudson is getting big.

Eva loves to swing...

...and to play with the chickens.

A mischievous smile 


We got out our old bubble blower for Eva.  She loved the bubbles!

Can you tell we think she's cute?

After the bubbles, Eva needed her hair washed.  Auntie Deb gave her cute pigtails.  :)

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day some of us, Livy, and the Gallaghers went to Happy Katz, a frozen yogurt shop in Savannah.

Our cute group of kiddos

Enjoying their treat

Afterwards we got some pictures at the courthouse downtown.



James points out the monument honoring the soldiers who were killed during the wars.

Finally, we went to the Tennessee River to let the little ones splash in the water.  They really enjoyed getting wet.  I didn't take the camera close the the water, though, so no pictures of that.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Butchering Day!

We butchered our meat chickens a few weeks ago.  Hope brought the kids over for a field trip and got some pictures of the process. We usually don't get many pictures on butchering day, because no one is clean enough to touch the camera, so thanks to Hope for the pictures!

These chickens are in he back of the truck, waiting to be butchered
Emma thinks they are funny!

Emily puts a chicken in the killing cone while Baby William looks on. :)

He seems quite happy about it too! :)

David and Daddy work to regulate our new scalder- purchased with our prize money from this video contest

We don't usually butcher so close to the house, but the scalder cord isn't long enough to reach any further.

Aunt Sarah gives Patrick a close-up look inside the plucker

Nicolas prefers to watch from a distance! :)