Amanda & Russell

Amanda and Russell were married in June of 2016

Russell is the oldest of four siblings.  He grew up in Michigan and Ohio, but moved to Texas nearly 30 years ago.  He likes to say he's a Southerner now. ;)  Russell started violin lessons in sixth grade and is an incredible violinist. 

Russell plays Principal Second Violin in several symphonies in the Texas/Louisiana area, leads the Longview String Quartet, and teaches strings both privately and at a Christian school.  Russell is a deep thinker, a great conversationalist, and a committed follower of Christ.  He is friendly, kind, and great with children.  He enjoys computers, theology, camping, photography, and coffee.  He likes to tease, and is always a lot of fun to be around.

Everybody loves Amanda.  She is so much fun, and she's a wonderful friend.  Amanda enjoys gardening, reading, running, and taking care of her home. Her most recent hobby is learning calligraphy. She teaches piano lessons and enjoys being Russell's accompanist.  She also plays viola and mandolin. 

A few facts you might not know about Russell and Amanda...
  • Russell has been to all of the 48 contiguous states.
  • Amanda loves anything John Deere.
  • Russell is a Yooper.
  • When Amanda is sick she craves burritos!
  • Russell prefers manual transmission cars.  
  • Since getting married, Amanda has learned to like coffee. 
  • Russell's favorite ice cream is Bluebell's Black Walnut.

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