Emily is very organized, diligent and responsible.  She is a determined person who doesn't give up easily!  Emily likes to cook and try new recipes ... and we all enjoy her delicious cooking! 

Emily keeps busy with her sewing business, "Sweet Creations by Emily."  She designs and creates children's clothing, accessories, costumes, toys, and special order items.  Besides her Etsy Shop, she sells her products at local craft fairs and from home.  She enjoys designing special and detailed gifts with certain friends (or nieces and nephews!) in mind.  Many people have been blessed by Emily's gift of sewing and her generous heart.

A few facts you might not know about Emily ...
  • Emily's favorite places to shop are JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby
  • An article about Emily's business was recently featured on the front page of the local newspaper
  • Emily enjoys biking
  • Emily's favorite childhood toy was a stuffed frog
  • Emily would like to visit the Galapagos and Cayman Islands 
  • Some of the most interesting things Emily has sewn include sleeping bags, a gladiator costume for a movie, and a baptistry curtain! 

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