Friday, April 24, 2015


Amanda and I try to run the 4-miler at Shiloh Battlefield each spring.
We love races, and this one is especially exciting, and a beautiful one to run.  To make it even better, our sweet cousin, Amy, comes down from Paris, TN to run it with us every year.

Races are such fun when I am able to take one of my special little buddies along, either riding in my stroller, or running along beside me.

Let me introduce my partner in this race...

Meet Joleigh!

Precious Joleigh is one of my very dearest and best little buddies. Oh, wait!  I have about 20 of these "dearest and best" buddies..... and any one of them who can fit in my big stroller (it holds up to 65 pounds) or wants to run along with me, is invited!

I'm not sure the number of racers this year, but it seemed to be fewer than in previous years.
Here the race is just beginning.  I don't see any of our clan toward the front.  Joleigh and I were in the very back, with the stroller.

Here is the only picture we have of Amy during the race, speeding out ahead...

...followed by Amanda, zipping past

This was the first year that Amy's husband ran the Shiloh race with us
 No picture of his finish, but he ran the 4 mile course in 36 minutes!

Again, no picture, but Amy finished in 40 minutes...

...and here I come, with my sweetie pie...

We crossed the finish line in 41 minutes and 35 seconds

Now Amanda is coming...

....crossing the finish line in 42 minutes and 5 seconds

                 Finally, after an hour and 20 minutes, the last racers finish and the awards ceremony began

Amanda earned a medal for her age group!!!

  Ahhhhh..... How happy Joleigh and I feel!
                Finally finished running!                          

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Gang's All Here

Jonathan finished law school at the end of last year, and took the bar exam in late February.  He flew home to visit for a few days afterwards, and Anna, Steven, and the children came down for a visit at the same time, so we had the whole family together for the first time since last summer.  We had such wonderful times together!

Daddy and Mama with the grandbabies

Hudson helping Uncle Jonathan with some computer work

Eva adored her baby cousin, and always wanted to help take care of him.

Great-grandmother and great-grandchild

Hugh's first taste of ice cream - we start 'em off early!
(From the looks of his face, I don't think he liked it too well)

Jonathan, Mama Flo, and Emily

Aunt Melissa and Hudson

Silly little guy!

Uncle Jonathan and Eva

Aunt Sarah and Hugh

The kids love to be read to

Cute little fella!

Tea party

Hudson, Anna, and Steven

Eva and Hudson figured out how to both ride the tricycle at once.

Aunt Rebekah and Hudson - love that grin!

A little chef

Eva's having a tea party...

...with her dolly


These two were so cute together!

Eva introduces Uncle Ross to Dr. Suess' "Sneetches"

Aunt Rebekah and Eva

Our first batch of spring chickens arrived while they were here.  The kids loved them!

Stay tuned for more pictures from our time together!