Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Lewis Edition: November!

One Saturday we met Dan, Deb and Caitlyn at the zoo!
Sadly, Russell couldn't go due to work responsibilities,
so I took Lydia and Anna along!

I always enjoy spending time with this little one!

This Crowned Crane was just beautiful!
His colors were so vibrant!

My favorite: giraffes!

The kids enjoyed feeding them lettuce

Giraffes are Anna's favorite, too!

This baby giraffe was so, so cute!  I wanted to take him home!!

The Hale family

It was neat how many different kinds of animals they had
together in this area ...
made you feel almost as though you were seeing them in the wild!

Giant turtles!

The lioness looked right at me!

Caitlyn and Anna enjoyed each other

Lydia with her favorite, the flamingos!

We had a wonderful time!

Russell and I got to spend Thanksgiving week in Tennessee.
We had a wonderful time ... in fact, things were so busy and fun
that I forgot to snap a single picture! 😂

Some of the highlights were:

*Spending time with Mama Flo
* Long walks/talks with Rebekah
* Our traditional family Thanksgiving dishes!
* Hearing Daddy and our young cousin play euphonium/ trombone duets
* Being with family, particularly our nieces and nephew! ;)