Saturday, November 19, 2011

Emma's First Birthday Party

Sweet little Emma turned one year old last Sunday.

Isn't Eva cute in her party hat?

"Wow!  I didn't know birthdays were this much fun!"



Eva again

And the birthday girl herself!

Visiting together

Hope had decorated everything so nicely.


Aunt Deborah, with Eva and Emma.

Aunt Amanda and Nicolas

Patrick and his balloon

Aunt Rebekah and Eva

Nicolas playing "peek-a-boo" with David

Party hats can also be used as horns, you know.

Playing with balloons

Aunt Melissa and David

Danny grinning at Eva

One year old Miss Emma Bliss

 Emma with her mommy and daddy

"Happy birthday, dear Emma, happy birthday to you!"

Helping her blow out the candle 

"Am I really supposed to eat this?"

"Maybe I'll just take a small taste"

"Are you sure this is okay?"

David videoing Emma's response to her first cupcake.

Nicolas thought it was funny.
Time to open gifts

Emma had lots of help.

A cute hat and scarf from her Uncle Jedidiah and Aunt Rachel

Reading her new book from Mimi

 A group picture (Mr. and Mrs. Beeman, we sure missed you!)

Feeding the Cows

We took the children over to the neighbors' farm so they could see the cows.

"Would you like a bite?"

Little farmers


One of my favorite pictures

A Visit from the Beemans

Our friends, Jedidiah and Rachel Beeman and their children, visited us last week.

This was their first trip to Tennessee since the Gallaghers (Jedidiah's sister and her family) moved here this summer.  The cousins were so excited to see each other!

The littlest cousins, David and Emma

The older cousins, Daniel, Kathryn, Patrick, and Nicolas

It was fun to watch all six of them playing together.
One attempt at a "cousin picture"

How 'bout another try?

It's hard to get six smiles at the same time.  :)

David and Patrick

What a sweet smile.


We had fun with the boys' hair after their baths.

Aunt Deborah and David

Uncle David and Emma

Aunt Sarah and Danny

We babysat these cuties while their parents were attending a conference.

Kathryn and Livy really love to play together.  They like to call each other "sister".

We had this picture of Kathryn from a few years ago... Deborah took similar ones of her and of Daniel.

 David and Livy

The babies again - Emma didn't know what to think about David climbing on her.

Playing "Mother, May I?"

"Ring Around the Rosies"

Rebekah, reading to the children