Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Wamp Ad - A MUST watch!

Please watch this video and ask all your friends in Tennessee to vote for Zach Wamp for Governor on August 5th!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Each year we plant marigolds between our tomato plants to keep the bugs away.
The marigolds have almost taken over the aisles this year!
We have been getting 12+ gallons of tomatoes every time we pick them! (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.)
We leave the tomatoes on the counter for a few days so they will be fully ripe when we are ready to can them. This is what our kitchen counters look like just about every day.
This year we planted a roma tomato variety, Super Marzano, that is very good for canning.
First we core the tomatoes...
...and put them in boiling water for a few minutes.
When the tomatoes come out of the boiling water they are placed in a bowl of ice water, and the skins begin to fall off.
After the skins are off the tomatoes are ready to be put in jars.
Finished jars - the little jars to the left are for Anna and Steven. :)
Our cabinets are filling up!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zach Wamp's Worldview

Last night we had the privilege of hearing Congressman Zach Wamp (our candidate for Governor) share his testimony at First Baptist Church in Counce, Tennessee. Here is a short audio clip from his speech, with pictures from the reception following the service.
We are so happy to have a candidate with a Biblical worldview!
To hear the entire message visit our political blog.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Date!

Steven and Anna
October 9, 2010
First Baptist Church
Selmer, Tennessee

Sunday, July 11, 2010

At the Rodeo!

Our State Representative and his wife gave us tickets to the Hardin County Rodeo on Saturday!
We took some little friends with us to the rodeo.
Jonathan and Will before we left the house
This is Will - minus a front tooth! :)
Putting up Wamp signs before the rodeo
Jonathan and Nicholas
Amanda and Will
- Waiting for the rodeo to start -
Sarah, Will, and Amanda
The calves - these were used for the team roping
Jonathan, Rebekah, David, and Nicholas
Daddy and Mama
An adorable little cowboy
Our friends were happy to run into their cousins, Hunter and Wes, at the rodeo.
Time to start!
These flags said "God bless the USA"
A Bucking bronco! (The cowboy is on the ground)
A rider on his way down
This horse looked like he was trying to do a hand stand!
Trying to catch the horse after he threw his rider
Will and Deborah watching
During the break we walked around to look at the horses
A Dodge horse
David, Benny, Will, Nicholas, and Jonathan
After the break there was bull riding! This was our favorite - even though none of the riders made it to the 8 second mark. :)
Visiting with Ashley Dennis after the show was over.
Thanks for the tickets, Vance and Ashley! We all enjoyed the rodeo!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

GOP Rally

Click here to see pictures from yesterday's GOP rally.


Yesterday our friend, Amy, and her 2 little boys (from Ohio) came to see us!
Anna and Amy
The boys playing Legos

Steven's visit

We all enjoyed a much-too-short visit from Steven this week.... especially Anna! :)
Anna and Steven visiting with Daddy and Mama
This is what happens when you try to take a candid picture of them....the camera's flash makes so much noise opening, that they both look up!
Working on their wedding website
This is where Anna and Steven spend most of their time when they are together :)
We all miss you, Steven!!

Storm Damage

Here are some pictures taken a few weeks ago after a storm came through and blew over the corn fields on the road where our grandmother lives.
The corn in front of Anna and Steven's future home wasn't damaged. It is so tall now that you can see only the roof!