Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Livy's 4th Birthday Party

Livy decorates party hats in preparation for the party
 Aren't they cute?
Decorating for a party is fun!

 Anna and Baby Eva are the first guest to arrive :)
 Then Aunt Misty comes!
 "I'm a big girl now!"
 Playing with balloons
 Livy and the little Gallaghers
 Playing a game

 A hug for Livy's daddy...
 ...and some time to be silly!
Friends in Party hats!
Baby Eva - "What is this thing on my head?"
"Granny Smith says it's okay, so I guess I won't worry about it."
Baby Emma, Amanda, Emma, and Zoe
 Birthday cards...
 and Birthday presents!
 "This is fun!"
Where's Nicolas??
 Nicolas' hair stands up straight...
 Baby Eva's too! :)
Livy wanted lots of candles on her cake!

 "But it's taking forever to get them all lit...I guess I'll take a rest."
 The Happy Birthday song can be very embarrassing...Livy is suddenly very shy. :)
 But, with some help from daddy...
...the candles finally get blown out. :) 
   Eating cake!
 Melissa helps Nicolas hold Eva
Jonathan, Aunt Susan, and Misty
 Anna, Emma, and Amanda
 Livy and Patrick trying out Livy's new crayons and school books
Happy Birthday to our dear Livy! We love you so, so much!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

David's new pet!

Amanda gave this parakeet to David for Christmas.
He named it "Christmas"
 Olivia LOVES the new pet!

 So does David! :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Nicolas!!

On Saturday we went to Nicolas' birthday party.

Nicolas digs for treasures!

Patrick, Livy, and Emma look on.

"I found one!"

Emma says "What are you doing, brother?"

"May I try?"

 "Is this okay, Mommy?"

Livy's turn to dig!

Emma was fascinated with the sand!

Patrick's turn!

Time to do some shootin'!
Birthday boy first!



Cheering the shooters on!

Grandpa Smith takes a turn

Granny Smith and Mimi too!!!

Livy and Emma have gone back to playing in the sand!

Time for some yummy treats!

Then back to the sand!

Shooting skeet....balloons! :)

Time to reload!

Patrick shoots...

and Hope and James, too! :)

 "Happy Birthday to Nicolas!"


 Opening presents - A music bag from Aunt Melissa

A kazoo from Mommy and Daddy 

A pop-gun from Kathryn and Daniel

A fireman raincoat from Uncle Jonathan and Uncle David

A game from Grandpa and Granny Smith 

Sunglasses from Patrick

A game from Mimi...

...and a book that goes with the game.

A thank-you hug for Mimi

Poor little Emma wasn't feeling too great.

She was very content to lie around...

...and be doted on. :)

Daddy and Mama visiting with Mrs. Beeman.  It was SOOO fun to see the Beemans again!!!

Nicolas gets a drink from his new cup.

Emma decides she'll use his old one. :)

Happy Birthday, Nickel!! We love you so much!!!