Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Jonathan and David took care of our neighbors' animals for a few days last week.
They are so cute! I had a lot of fun photographing them. :)
A storm blowing in
These are the donkeys -Snowball, Snowflake and Jenny
Bessie doesn't have the best manners....
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Target Practice

On Saturday we went out for some target practice. We all enjoy shooting!Shooting the Mauser - a German gun our grandfather found during WWII and gave to us.
The boys have been saving our old milk cartons for several months. They fill them with water and set them up on blocks of wood for targets.
It's a lot of fun to shoot at them because they make such a big "explosion".
Examining a blown-up carton
The Mauser is a lot louder than our other guns.
Throwing skeet
Daddy and the boys are good shots and can hit the skeet. The rest of us have to shoot at still targets. :)
Loading the .22
FIRE! Anna hitting the target
Our box of trash

Christmas 2009

One of the doors that we hung our Christmas cards on this year
Our Christmas tree
We all enjoy getting stocking stuffers for each other. As you can see in this picture, the stockings are not nearly big enough. :)
We got a few flakes of snow this Christmas! :)
We are grateful for a warm house.
Christmas breakfast
Apple Cranberry Dumplings, Omelet, and Ambrosia
Mama Flo opening her stocking
The stocking stuff that didn't fit in David's stocking :)
Opening presents
This is a case of shells that Daddy and Mama gave us for the Mauser.
Mama Flo