Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bible Bee

This is the first year that there has been a Bible Bee in our area, and we were all excited to get to help out during the local competition.

Mr. Moss was the host of the local group.  He and his family put so much work into what happened Saturday!

Eight of the 27 contestants were friends of ours, so that made it even more exciting.
Edyn, Samuel, and Kyra (with Edyn and Kyra's mom) friends from our church

The five Moss children who competed - Joy, Delie, Anna, George, and Samuel

A few of the contestants (and younger siblings) visiting while waiting to take their oral tests.

A cute little girl!

Obviously, we couldn't take any pictures of the actual testing, but here are pictures from the awards ceremony afterwards.

The contestants came up grouped by the Bible version in which they had chosen to compete, and each group was given a passage to recite.

This group memorized from the NKJV





The contestants with the top 5 scores in each age group received special certificates and prizes.
The Primary Winners (ages 7-10)
1st - 5th places: George, Samuel M., Samuel H. Sara, and Edyn 

The Junior Winners (ages 11-14)
1st - 5th places: Delie, Glenn, Anna, Ainsley, and Abby

The Senior Winners (ages 15-18)
1st - 4th places: Joy, Gabrielle, Mckaela, and Lucas

The Bible Bee can be very exhausting, as evidenced by William, who decided to take a rest while his Daddy was interviewed by the Jackson Sun.  :)
You can click here to read the article.

After the awards ceremony, the Bible Bee families celebrated with a reception.

James enjoying his cake.

It was nice to see some grandparents come out to support their grandchildren at the contest.

Delie is interviewed

We enjoyed being able to have a part in the Bible Bee, and we look forward to Wednesday, when we will find out which contestants will advance to Nationals!

Monday, August 13, 2012


On Thursday night Livy and I enjoyed going with friends to Shiloh Park for their reptile program.

Of course all Livy was interested in was holding the corn snake!

 She carefully inspected him.

Samuel gets a turn!

And Edyn...
...and Kyra

Patrick can hardly wait for his turn!


Seth decides he is brave enough to touch it.

Nicolas says, "No thank you!"

Brenna's turn, and even baby Emma gets to pet the snake!

Now Seth decides he will hold the snake.

Livy asked for another turn! :)

This turtle kept trying to walk off the table during the presentation!

Our kiddos - Seth, Samuel, Emma, Kyra, Patrick, Brenna, Nicolas, Edyn, and Livy
Many thanks to Hope for the use of her camera! (I didn't take one with me!)

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Meet the newest member of the family, Daisy, a Great Pyrenees!!  (She's a birthday gift to Amanda, from David.)
Olivia LOVES this new little friend! :)

Eva's 1st Birthday!

We celebrated Eva's first birthday with Mama Flo, the Gallaghers, and Mr. Lewis (who was visiting us from Texas).

Eva playing with a stray kitten who has adopted her

Emma and Aunt Deborah

Eva loves to pet the kittens and say "meow!"

Emma and Eva

These children are so precious!

Emma is happy!

Eva's birthday dress matched her cake!

"I'm not sure what's going on, but I think it's going to be fun!"

Melissa made Eva's cake

Aunt Amanda and Nicolas

Mr Lewis reads a story to the birthday girl.

Emma and Eva

They are so sweet to each other!

Eva gets her first taste of cake and ice cream!

She liked the ice cream best!

Time to open presents!

A stick horse from Aunt Rebekah (She crocheted it.)

A book from Grandpa and Granny Smith

Eva LOVED this noisy gift!! :)

"What's in here?!"

Playing with friends

"I like this one!"

Some of Eva's audience

Eva's expressions are so darling!
I couldn't choose which of these pictures to post, so I'm going to post several! :)

Too much partying!!  This stuffed dog from Mama Flo is a nice soft pillow for Eva!

Eva was so sleepy! She was ready for some cuddles with Granny Smith!

"Goodnight, everyone!"