Wednesday, March 31, 2010

McNairy County GOP Convention

Last Saturday we had our GOP County Convention. To see more pictures from this event visit our political blog. (

Monday, March 29, 2010


This past week we babysat for our cousins while they were on spring break. We always have a great time with them.
Will playing "Twister"
Amanda and Tyler
A pile of adorable kids!
Emily was looking through a bag of fabric scraps, and the kids thought it looked like a great place to play.
Noelle and Sarah
Noelle watching Melissa and Amanda practicing
A wrestling match...3 against 1! :)
Anna giving Will a ride
The kids love spaghetti! They requested it for a snack one morning.
What a mess!
Will's spaghetti smile


Tyler asked if he could have a pickle for a snack. When Will and Noelle saw that Tyler was eating something, they asked for some, too! The faces they made were so funny! I was glad I had the camera. :)
"First I'll lick it."
"It's sour!"
"Hummm....let's try it again!"
Tyler likes pickle juice...
...and Will wonders if he is brave enough to try it.
He decides that he is!

A Picnic

On Friday we (Sarah, Anna and Deborah) took the kids to the barn for a photo shoot.
(Click here to see more of the pictures on our photography blog.)
Afterwards we took them to the park for a picnic.
Building sand castles
One of the finished castles
Climbing the monkey bars
Tyler and Deborah
Deborah and Noelle
Will, Anna, and Tyler
Sarah, Tyler, Anna, Will, Deborah, and Noelle
Noelle was so tired afterwards that she fell asleep in her car seat before we even got to the highway!
We had a great week with them!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three more weeks with Samuel

I just returned from South Carolina, after spending
another three wonderful weeks
with Samuel at his home.
It seemed more like one week to me...
one busy, full, fun week!
I love Samuel so much!!!
One highlight of my time there was helping
him with his schoolwork every day.
With a little help Samuel can write his name now!
He is also learning to spell some new words...
... and this was his favorite thing to spell!
After school Samuel and I built a tent to play in...
... and we continued our running together each day.
I had such a WONDERFUL time with Samuel... I always
do, but this visit was my best yet!
Samuel is a precious darling and it is
such a joy for me to be with him!
After five weeks together, I really miss Samuel now!
-Samuel, until we are together again, remember how much Bekah loves and misses you!
Remember also that Jesus loves you and that Bekah is praying for you every day.