Friday, July 29, 2016

Aerial Photos

Recently David had the opportunity to fly with Bro. Rob while he test drove an airplane for a friend.  David took these pictures as they flew over our farm.  It's fun to see things from this angle.

Can you find the 9 people in this picture?
(Scroll down for the answer)

Here's a hint.  
Most were picking blueberries here.  Now...can anyone identify the people? :)

A closer look

The lower third of this picture is our farm, and then our neighbors' farms across the highway

More of the neighboring farms

Friday, July 22, 2016

July 4th

We met church friends at Pickwick Lake for a picnic and fireworks on the 4th.

Red, white, and blue cookies...

...and fruit

We always enjoy this time with our church family.

A storm starts to roll in

Rain across the lake

It was beautiful to watch!

Those who were parked close enough ran to their vehicles, and the rest of us took shelter under our picnic blanket while the men ran to bring the vehicles closer.

Our abandoned picnic spot

Venturing back out after the downpour

A gorgeous rainbow

The fireworks started early because another storm was coming fast

We stood there in the rain and got soaked again while the kids watched from inside the van.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Days

Here is a very random post of pictures and happenings from the last few months.

Beautiful summer sky

Farm work

A lizard at Mama Flo's

Running through the freshly-plowed fields

Katherine's look of concentration

One of Oreo's kittens

Baby birds in a nest on the ground

Gardens growing




A summer storm rolls in

Babysitting a cute friend

Honeybees on a hot summer evening

Can you find the owl in this picture?

A better angle

At a friend's graduation party

Deborah with Laura, the graduate

Hugh and his Moore grandparents' dog

Our garden has been very abundant this summer.
This is what our kitchen counters look like most days.

One day we picked over 15 bushels of green beans
(the picture doesn't even show all of them).

290 quarts later...


...for ice cream


...for jelly



...for pickling


Summer lunch

Fried mozzarella zucchini

Mama Flo and Katherine

A cute little fawn we spotted at Shiloh Park