Sunday, April 29, 2012


Several of us ran a 4-mile race at Shiloh Battlefield last week

Rebekah was delighted because little Nathaniel, one of her very special buddies,
was able to "run" with her this time! 

Here they are, registering that morning

Amanda pins David's race number on him

James Gallagher also ran the race.  
His precious family was there to cheer him on... and to cheer for us, too!

Here is Rebekah with Nathaniel, all prepared for Nathaniel's first-ever race!!!

An eager Patrick waits to see his Daddy off...

...and so does a sleepy, cold Nicolas...

...and precious baby Emma, all cozy in "Aunt" Emily's arms.

Deborah stands by to watch the race, with our little cousins, Allie and Olivia.
(Allie's mom, our cousin Amy, came all the way from Parris, TN to run this race with us!)

The runners prepare for the race.

The horn blows...
...and everybody's off!!!!

Because they had a stroller, Rebekah and Nathaniel started at the very
 back of the 132 racers to prevent becoming a hazard to them.

-Look at Nathaniel go!!!!!!!!
(Born 13 weeks prematurely, with Cerebral palsy and a heart condition,
Nathaniel's running this race proved our God's marvelous healing power!)  

Sarah (who took the pictures), Deborah, Hope, and a crowd of darling little ones
stood by the track to watch the race in the cold... 

...and so did Emily with baby Emma
The kids were excited to "meet" a fuzzy new friend!

The runners have passed;  Deborah takes some of the kiddos for a little stroll while they wait.

In the old Shiloh Church 

Here comes the first runner!  -Crossing the finish line in 24 minutes and 39 seconds!

And here comes David!!!  The first of our clan to finish,
he crosses the finish line in 34 minutes and 1 second!

Amanda finishes in 41 minutes and 9 seconds!

Our cousin, Amy, finished in 41 minutes and  22 seconds, but somehow we didn't get a photo of her finish :(

Rebekah and Nathaniel cross the line in 41 minutes and 28 seconds.
 Just look at Nathaniel's smile!

Melissa finishes in 45 minutes and 8 seconds!

Waiting for the awards ceremony to begin, Allie and Livy found another furry friend

Here is our clan (four Smiths, plus our cousin Amy, James G, and little Nathaniel), 
trying to rest and catch their breath, now that the race is  over! 

The awards ceremony begins...

...and Nathaniel receives a trophy!!!

David receives a 1st place trophy for his age group!

Amanda receives a 3rd place trophy in her age group...

...and Rebekah receives a 3rd place trophy in hers.

We all had a wonderful time racing... or finishing, I should say! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Party

A few weeks ago the Gallaghers invited Livy (and us!) over for a spring party!

Painting birdhouses
Livy's excited!  She loves to paint!
Emma wasn't sure what to think about this!
Candy necklaces!
Rebekah and Patrick
"Ohh!  Can I really eat these?"

All finished!

Time for an egg hunt!
Livy finds an egg
So does Nicolas!
"Look right here, Emma!"
"There's an egg up in the tree!"
Livy needs help to get it down!
Looking for eggs
Still looking!
Emma shows off her full basket!

All done hunting!

Let's look inside the eggs!
Gummy worms! Livy's favorite!

Patrick tells everyone how many seasons there are
Hope reads a spring story

Lunch time!
Emma is thrilled to get a marshmallow bunny!!

Hope made a very special lunch for four very special children! :)
The children had so much fun...
..and we all had fun watching them have fun!

Thanks, Hope for having such a fun party!!