Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sarah and David removed a bee hive from a tree on some of our friends' farm!

Opening the box a week later for a look inside the hive
It doesn't look like a lot of bees until you start pulling out each frame.
The outer frames are not as full as the inner ones yet.
Sarah and David
Inspecting the bees
You can click on these next few pictures to view them larger.

More inspecting!
These bees are carrying a lot of pollen!  Click on the picture to view it larger.
The hive is buzzing after being disturbed!
SO MANY bees!
These bees are working on new comb
Here's what that comb looked like a few days ago!
Larve and bees that are ready to hatch!
The littlest bee keeper - and yes, she put on shoes before she went to see the bees!
We can't wait until we start getting honey!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jonathan's Goodbye Party

Tomorrow Jonathan leaves for Virginia to start his new job in a law office there.  Last Friday we had a goodbye party for him.
It was a fun party except for the reason of the party!
Everyone listens as friends share advice with Jonathan
Mrs. Cullifer and Ella
Daddy and Jonathan
Time for dessert!
A room full of precious little ones!
Jonathan and Mama Flo
Some of the men visiting
Others visiting
Amanda and Mrs. Berry
Sarah and Ashley (and William)
Emma has the cutest smile!
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk and Jonathan
State Rep. Vance Dennis, Charles Lee, and Daddy
Mr. Drobina, Mr. Berry, Aunt Susan, Jimmy, and Will
Patrick was ready for bed!
Emma was still going strong! Everyone was laughing at her funny hair so she was laughing too!
We're really going to miss Jonathan!  It will not be the same without him!

More Texas Visitors!

We all enjoyed a visit from our friends, the Beemans and the Babbs, this past weekend!
Sarah and Danny
Kathryn, Daniel, and David all ready for bed
We love these kids so much!

Sunday evening - Patrick entertains Daddy and Mr. Beeman
I'm a beast!
Rachel made "Beast capes" for all the little cousins!
David and his mommy, Rachel
The little ones were so cute with all their made-up instruments!
Amanda and Danny eating breakfast Monday morning
Livy gives David a ride...
...and a kiss!
"This is fun!"
So sweet!
Kathryn and Livy call each other "sister!".
Building block towers
The visit was over WAY TOO SOON!  But a short visit is better than none! :)