Saturday, August 29, 2009

Playing for the Keenagers

A few weeks ago our family did a music program for the "Keenagers", a seniors' group at First Baptist Church in Bolivar, TN. The Keenagers are one of our family's favorite groups to play for. They are all so sweet and friendly.
We are sorry for not having very good pictures to post. Our regular camera lens stopped working and we had to use our zoom lens. Also, we have no pictures of all of us playing together because we didn't ask anyone to take one.
Daddy and the boys playing "The Washington Post March"
Some of the Keenagers
Anna, David, Deborah, Jonathan, and Amanda playing "Washed In the Blood"
"I Will Praise Him"
Amanda, Anna,...
...Jonathan and Daddy playing "Victory In Jesus"
Amanda, Deborah, and Anna singing "In Christ Alone"
Visiting with the Keenagers after the program.Rebekah talks with Mr. and Mrs. Gates.
Daddy, Bro. Pulliam, and Mr. Robert
The Pulliams put together this bulletin board with pictures of us playing at their church several years ago.
Look how little and cute our boys were!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


We took this video of Kathryn with a webcam. It's not good quality, but it's cute anyway!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Beemans' Visit

Our dear friends, Jedidiah and Rachel Beeman, and their darling children came to visit us! We had a wonderful week together. Jedidiah and KathrynRachel and her babiesKathrynDanielPrecious Daniel is so happy and full of smiles Rachel, Jedidiah, and Daddy looking at photo albumsKathryn loves Daniel......and gives him lots of kisses. Kathryn loved this little turtle toy. She would run through the house pulling it behind her and laughing the whole time!She is such a sweet little girl! Daniel and Mama Daddy and DanielDaniel hardly stopped smiling all week!We took a LOT of pictures of him. :)Look at Kathryn's delighted face as she looks at pictures of Daniel on the computer. Cutie!
Kathryn and Daniel being enjoyed by their aunties

On The Farm

At the melon patch
Kathryn loved all the cantaloupes and wanted to hold them and eat them.
Watching the geese
Daniel and Anna
Playing with our grandmother's puppy, King
Rachel picking okra
The okra plants are above our heads now!
Kathryn helping Deborah stock the produce stand
Drawing with David
Jedidiah and Rachel riding the go-kart
Kathryn loved eating raw okra.