Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Church Picnic

We had a church picnic last Saturday.

While the guys played football, we had sack races with the children.

Next we had a scavenger hunt.
Here one of the teams sets off to find the items on their list.
Another team comes from the chicken house after getting an egg - one of the items on the list.
The hunt finished, everyone gathers to show what they found.
One of the items on the list was "a yellow leaf".

One of the games was a relay race in which everyone was assigned a different way to get to the goal and back.
Edyn and Laura jump...
...Benny crawls...
...Wes and Samuel hop on one foot...
...and David and James crabwalk.
Three-legged races are always a fun picnic game.

A running race
Duck, duck, goose

 Cadence, Patrick, and Bethany
Ready for dinner

Amanda, Mama Flo, Cathi, and Mama
Kyra, Laura, and Edyn
Emily and Jeanette
Anna and Joanna
Rebekah and Cadence
Roasting marshmallows

This picture is so funny!  Patrick's marshmallows caught on fire, and he looks at them in distress as Rebekah blows out the flames.  :)
We finished out the evening singing hymns around the campfire accompanied by James on the violin.

The Broomcorn Festival

On Saturday some of us went to the Broomcorn Festival with our friends, the Gallaghers.
This man demonstrated to us how he carves wooden utensils.
Admiring pine needle baskets.  The lady who made them told us that it takes 12 hours to make each one!
Patrick and Nicolas really enjoyed the goats.

Playing on the playground
We were happy to see our cousin, Abby (left) at the festival.
Amanda and Emma

Admiring the honeybees
Amanda and Nicolas watch the bagpiper
Emma looks like she doesn't know what to think of the loud bagpipe music.
The little guys loved seeing a helicopter up close!

Before we left, David bought some cotton candy to share.