David & Rachel

David and Rachel were married in September of 2014.

David is the 6' 3" baby of the family. :)  He has always been very personable and outgoing.  He loves to go places and do things with others.  He recently started a new job, doing IT work at a local hospital.

David enjoys 4-wheelers, guns, cars, and playing the banjo and guitar.  He is a very giving person, sharing his resources and time to help family and friends.  He is extremely handy and can fix just about anything!  He and Rachel are just perfect for each other. :)

Rachel is one of the nicest people in the world.  She is loyal, creative, kind, thoughtful, and an extremely hard worker.  She works several days a week cleaning houses and babysitting.  She's always looking out for those who need help.  Rachel enjoys spending time with family, shopping for bargains, writing, rescuing animals, and creating neat things for their home and for others.

Rachel enjoys children and is so good with them! She's always willing to help with a project, large or small, and has tons of great ideas.  She's also a fabulous cook!

A few facts you might not know about David and Rachel ...

  • David has been stung by bees hundreds of times (he used to work for a beekeeper)
  • Rachel is our favorite sister-in-law ;)
  • David can make anyone laugh!
  • Rachel is an amazing story teller!
  • David's favorite restaurant is Russell's Steakhouse
  • David and Rachel are incredibly hospitable
  • Something David has never done but would like to do someday is fly an airplane
  • David and Rachel are the life of the party  :)

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