Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We have an abundance of tomatoes and peppers right now, so Amanda, Deborah, and David made salsa today. It is delicious!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Draw and Describe"

When our friends, the Potters, were visiting us this week we decided to play "Draw and Describe". It is a very fun game!
Each player takes a piece of paper (we cut an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet lengthwise into three strips) and begins by drawing in the top inch or so of the paper a picture of some action.

For instance, Melissa drew a woman singing while a man accompanied her on the piano. When the pictures are finished, each person passes his picture to the player on his left. Each person looks at the picture that was passed to him and writes a description of it underneath the picture. When you have described the picture you fold the picture under so the only thing showing is the description you have just written. Then each one again passes his paper to the left.This time each player gets a paper with a description written on it and tries to draw what was described by the previous player. Again, you fold under everything except the picture you have just drawn, and pass it on to the left.Each time a paper is passed to you you either draw what the previous player described, or describe what the previous player drew.

Describe the picture... ...draw what is described... ...describe what was drawn... ...draw what was described...This sequence(drawing...folding...passing...describing...folding...passing...) continues until the entire paper is filled.And then comes the fun part ... looking at the results!

Corn and other happenings

On Thursday we helped a family from church put up about 900 ears of corn The boys are very good workers! Yum! Isn't this frog cute? We are still getting a lot of blueberries from our garden The grapes are ripe! Out on the roof with Leigh... ...watching the lightning Finally, some rain!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pictures from our week

Today we picked our first watermelons and cantaloupes! They were delicious!!!! This year we planted both red and yellow cherry tomatoes On Thursday night we attended a rally for State Rep. candidate, Vance Dennis.

Our family with Vance and his wife Ashley Click here for more pictures from the rally

Our friend, Mr. Lewis, stopped by for a visit.
Here he is giving Kathryn her first violin lesson :)Putting up campaign signs
The corn on our great-grandfather's land is the best in the county!
Look how tall it is!When we were little we used to play "hide 'n' seek" in these corn fieldsJonathan and David skating on our grandparents' driveway On Monday we babysat for some of our friends.
Houston and David in our deer stand Nicholas climbing up the ladder Benny shows off a giant bamboo stalk Will helping in the gardenWe love to take pictures of baby Bethany......and play with her hair