Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Lewis Edition: A bit of January and February

In January our newest nephew,
Daniel Josiah Hale, Jr, arrived!

Isn't he a doll?!!

Enjoying newborn baby snuggles

The proud and happy big sister!

We enjoyed a wonderful 2-week long visit from Rebekah;
long walks, many games of Scrabble, visits to see baby Daniel,
our traditional walk to Dairy Queen, and a day trip to meet
some very dear friends were among the highlights.

Sadly, my camera phone has been on the blink for a few months,
so the number of pictures for this post is limited.

The house pad for our home was finally built!

Driveway and house pad

We are still waiting for a week of dry weather
before the house can be moved.  We have had
so much rain it's unbelievable!

Thanks to the help of my sisters and Mama Flo,
my quilt is quilted!  

This pregnant stray kitty has been coming in to visit each day. :)

We're excited to see her kittens!


Until next time!