Melissa & Ross

The Moore Four

Melissa and Ross were married February 1, 2014.  

Ross grew up in Tennessee and is the oldest of 3 children.  He works for the Farm Service Agency.  Ross is a wonderful husband and father.  He has many interests, including reading, movies, playing board and card games, spending time with his family, football, theology, and politics.  Ross is kind, caring, and unselfish.  He is friendly and outgoing, and enjoys interacting with people.

Melissa is full-time wife and mother.  She enjoys spending time with Ross and mothering her sweet babies.  It is neat to see her giving her time to her family!  She can do almost anything; painting, gardening, cake decorating, sewing, floral arranging, reupholstering, interior decorating, etc, and she does them all well!  She is also interested in architecture, politics and music.

Hugh is a bouncing two-year-old boy!  He has been blessed with a great personality and winning smile, and he charms everyone who is around him...including older ladies at the grocery store and restaurants.  He is outgoing, and hasn't met anyone he doesn't like.  

Hugh's great love is trains, but he also enjoys legos, music, and eating.  His favorite toys are Thomas the Train and Peter Rabbit.  He loves to read books and watch Curious George.  He has a great sense of humor and enjoys being the center of attention.  He is talking quite a bit, and it's so fun to hear what he is thinking!  He's a great big brother to "Sis."

Katherine is adorable!  She is walking now, climbing on everything, and trying to imitate whatever Hugh does.  She likes noisy/musical toys.  She is a very cuddly baby and likes to snuggle.

A few facts you might not know about the Moores ...

  • Melissa walked at 6 months and weighed only 13 lbs. at the time!
  • Ross could swim at age 2!  His mother has a picture of him jumping from the diving board as a toddler.
  • Hugh is a great mix of both his parents.
  • Melissa used to be afraid of nothing ... but she is now afraid of many things, including heights, bridges, and any small living creature that creeps, runs fast, slithers, or is damp and slimy!
  • Katherine looks just like Melissa did as a baby.
  • Ross hates glitter.  Melissa didn't know that until she wrapped his Christmas present in very glittery paper. :)
  • Melissa was an alternate delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention.
  • Ross and Mel's dream vacation is a trip to England.
  • Melissa despises ladybugs - probably because Hugh used to enjoy snacking on them!
  • The Moores would love to move back to McNairy County someday.

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