Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Welcome, Baby" Party at the Moores'

A few weeks ago Ross' parents hosted a barbecue in honor of Baby Hugh.


They had a table set up with baby blocks and craft supplies so all of the guests could decorate a block for Hugh.

Once the sun went down it got very chilly, so we moved inside to watch the new parents open the baby gifts.

Only 4 days now until Hugh's due date - we are all eager for the little man's arrival!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Melissa's Baby Shower

The ladies of our church gave a Baby Shower for Melissa and Baby Hugh a few weeks ago.

The shower was story-book themed, and it turned out so cute!

The party favors


Deborah and Livy

Brenna and Rebekah

Ross' Grandmother and niece

Hope welcomes everyone

Playing a game

Everyone brought a signed storybook for Hugh instead of a card.

Watching Melissa open the baby gifts

Hugh received a lot of nice presents.

Three and a half more weeks...the countdown begins...we can hardly wait to meet little Hugh!