Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Church Picnic

On Saturday we had a church picnic at our house.  All of the families from our church came, plus several relatives and friends of our church families.

It was our first church picnic with all the new babies.



and William

Pedal car races were a big hit

Some of the smaller ones needed a little help getting back up the hill.

A big water gun fight

Some of the adults watched from a distance...

...while others joined right in.

When a water gun isn't enough, you can always use a bucket.

The two teams lined up for an obstacle relay

The children had to zig-zag along the path...

...crawl through a "tunnel"...

...dip a cupful of water from a tub...

...and carry it several yards before emptying it into another tub...

...climb over a sawhorse...

...ride a scooter...

...jump over logs...

...balance on a board...

...and finally, roll a tire to the finish line!


We counted 90 people at the picnic.

William, Cadence, Clara, Samuel, Livy, and Seth

Emma, Kristen, Thomas, Delie, Ella, Samuel, and Eva


Kyra, Edyn, and Rebekah

Anna, Samuel, and Aylah

Erin and Delie

Anna and Joy

Courtney, Brenna, and Laura



Ultimate Frisbee is always a favorite!