Deborah & Daniel

Deborah and Daniel were married in October, 2016.
They are expecting a little girl the end of July!

Daniel is patient, funny, considerate, and hard-working.  He is the sixth of 8 children.  He owns and operates a hatchery, supplying his family's farm and many others with chicks, as well as managing his dad's chicken processing business.  Daniel also raises cattle.  

Daniel is very involved in their church, community and local politics.  He is a lieutenant in the volunteer fire department and was recently honored as "Fireman of the Year"! He enjoys athletics, especially football and running.  

Deborah is a lot of fun!  She is cheerful and lighthearted and keeps us all laughing.  She is sensitive to those who are hurting or in need.  She helps Daniel in his business, processing chickens, filling orders, and running errands.  Recently she has been busy setting up their home and getting a room ready for "Baby Bunny." :)

Deborah enjoys living within walking distance of most of her in-laws and spending time with them.  She is also a great photographer.  Deborah loves children, and they love her.  She's going to be a great Mommy!

A few facts you might not know about Daniel and Deborah ...

  • Deborah can ride a unicycle!
  • Daniel lived in the same house his entire life - until he and Deborah got married!
  • Deborah likes to skin snakes and other animals.  When she was younger, she collected animal bones and displayed them in her little "museum."
  • Daniel's incubators hatch thousands of eggs every week.
  • Deborah hates the smell of vinegar.
  • Deborah's favorite candy is Skittles.
  • Daniel has always dreamed of playing baseball professionally. (He's a great player, by the way!)
  • Daniel likes "Jeeves and Wooster" and "Tom and Jerry."

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