Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Very special treat!

Last week my best buddy, Samuel, and his Mama, came to visit!
I know this isn't the clearest picture, but it's the face that
I love...the face that I'm missing so much now that he's gone home!
(He was laughing here, because he had just nabbed my hat!)

I am not going to post many pictures,
but I'll try to hit some of my highlights of the week...
Walking down the road to see our buddy Scott is always exciting!

 When Samuel, who is already taller than I, climbs onto a stool...
 ...his "hairstylist" must find something taller so that wild hair is still within reach! 
-This picture brings back so many great memories... my boy is Oh, so much fun!!! 😀

The zoo is one of Samuel's favorite places to visit, 
and on Thursday we spent the day at the Memphis zoo.
"Welcome to a terrific zoo!"

I don't have many pictures from our exciting day,
but I do have one of Samuel with his all-time favorite animals...

-The Elephants!- 
Memphis Zoo has a fantastic exhibit with 5 elephants!

And I loved this picture of Samuel "swimming" with the fish!

Enjoying a picnic lunch

 On Saturday Samuel had a special treasure hunt, made just for him!
 Smart boy "read" and figured out each clue.  He trotted all
over the place finding and picking up new clues...

Stuart had a clue...

...and one was near the clothesline...

After about 20 minutes, the last clue led him to his "treasure"!

And last of all...
...this picture looks corny, but I always have to post
a picture of one of my favorite parts of having my boy here...
 ...Bedtime stories!!!

Now Samuel is home... and Bekah is lonely!
Come again soon, my boy!  I love you so much!