Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Cookout

Saturday evening Mama Flo, Steven and Anna came over for a cookout. Our little friend Samuel, who is visiting from South Carolina, was with us also.
Playing volley ball

Daddy, Mama, Emily, Mama Flo and Samuel watching the game

Jonathan roasting hotdogs

Eating dinner around the campfire

Roasting marshmallows

S'moresDixie didn't want to be left out :)
Samuel and Rebekah

David entertaining us by melting a smile in a paper plate

Anna and Steven

We had a great time together!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday Evening

Saturday evening after the wedding we invited the out-of-town guests over for dinner. Several families had to drive home that night, but we had 80 friends who stayed for the evening. It was such an enjoyable time and there were people everywhere! :)
In the living room...
...the dining room...
...the music room...
...the garage...
...the chicken house...
...on the driveway...
...the backyard, and anywhere else they could find a place.
We had such a fun time with everyone!
Some of our many guests
The girls getting the meal ready
The guys setting up tables outside
Friends visiting
Reading books with the children
Sarah, Joelle, and Stephen
Amanda, Patrick, Sarah H., Rachel, and Nicolas
Patrick, Sarah H., and Matthew
More visiting
There were several little ones to pass around. :)
Rachel and Brogan
Sarah and Nicolas
Deborah and Patrick
Rebekah and Amanda with our precious friend, Hope (and baby Emma, due in three weeks!) :)
Smith, Smith, Corbett, and Hale girls