Friday, May 28, 2010

Charles Lee for Republican State Executive Committeeman

Our friend, Charles Lee is running for reelection to the Republican State Executive Committee on August 5. If you live in the 26th Senatorial District (Crockett, Haywood, Fayette, Hardeman, Chester, McNairy, Hardin, and Wayne counties) please take the time to find out more about Mr. Lee and show your support for him at the polls!
Visit Mr. Lee's website, or his facebook page to learn more about him and why we need him to represent us in the state party.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Recital Videos

Our cousin Laurie videotaped the recital for us again this year and uploaded a few random songs to YouTube. We thought our blog viewers might enjoy seeing them. THANKS, LAURIE!!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farm Pictures

New baby turkeys!
Melissa got 22 baby turkeys last week.
They are so cute!
They have a lot of personality!
One of our hens
A rooster
Amanda picking squash bugs off the squash plants
The bugs from just 2 rows - she puts them in bleach water to kill them
Squash bug eggs - Does anyone know how to get rid of these bugs, besides picking them off every day??
Tomato plants
We plant marigolds around our tomato plants to keep the worms away.
We haven't had any trouble with worms this year, but potato bug larva have been devouring the plants!
The culprit
Cute little raccoon footprints on our farm road
Bean plants
A few blueberries are ripe!!
A squash bug eating a cucumber plant
A slug eating a cucumber plant
The broccoli - eaten by worms!
The worms from one plant - Again, does anyone know how to get rid of these pests?
Beautiful flowers in the flower garden


Last weekend Steven and his brothers, Daniel and Timothy, brought a load of furniture down from Maryland to Papa's house. The bridge at the bottom of the driveway is still out from the recent flooding.
Cousin Don measuring the hole to see if the "bridge" he had was long enough to go across
It was! :)
Unloading the trailer - David and Timothy
Daniel and Jonathan
Steven and Jonathan
We felt really sorry for Steven and Daniel, who carried the refrigerator all the way up the driveway!
Daddy, Jonathan, Steven, and David
Emily, cousin Amy, Rebekah, Amanda, and cousin Allie walking down the road from Mama Flo's to help
I thought this angle was really neat.
Everyone helped carry things to the house
Resting on the porch
This wardrobe barely fit!
Moving the piano into Mama Flo's house, where it will stay until the bridge is fixed

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pictures from Sunday

Steven and Anna at church
One family brought kittens to church to give away. The children really enjoyed playing with them after church.
Cadence - click on the picture to view it larger
Sunday afternoon Anna and Steven went through some of the stuff that Steven brought down to Papa's.
The living room - before...
...and after

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Music Students' Recital

All of the students who played in this year's recital
You can click on the program below to view it larger.
This year we had a lot of the students play duets, trios, or quartets.
Jonathan and Michael played "Hallelujah, Praise Ye the Lord!"
Kyra and Edyn played "The Trout."
Will played the "Mexican Hat Dance."
Allyn, Hannah, and Stanton played "Greensleeves."
Anabelle and Phoebe played "Seek Ye First."
MariGrace played "French Folk Song."
This year we had 5 students who learned a new instrument for their highschool senior project.
Chelsea learned to play the harp, and played "Brian Boru's March" for the recital.
Desirae, Adam, Emilie, and Rachel, the other 4 seniors, formed a string quartet and played "Conquistador."
Erin played a Gavotte by Bastien.
Jonathan and David accompanied Houston and Nicholas on "Old Joe Clark."
Mary Hannah and Abby played a Sonatina by Czerny.
Travis played the first movement of Concerto #5 by Seitz.
Hannah and Stanton played Pachelbel's "Canon in D."
Justice, Able, and Bethany played "Capricietta" - six hands on one piano!
Laura Beth played "Moto Perpetuo."
Rose played a Chopin Polonaise.