Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Lewis Edition: Happy Anniversary!

... to my best earthly friend!!!

It's hard to believe it's been a year already!
My heart is so full when I think back over the last 365 days;
I couldn't wait to marry you, and I knew it would be wonderful, and yet it's been much more wonderful than I ever could have imagined!
You have made me such a happy wife!

June 11, 2016

I'm so blessed by your gentleness; gentleness to me,
gentleness with your words, your sensitivity to my feelings.

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation
for anything I do for you,
Being your wife is such a joy!

Home from our honeymoon!

Thanks for encouraging me to do things like substitute teach, meet new people, and drive a stick shift, 😱
for helping me be courageous and willing to
get out of my comfort zone; and, at the same time,
being patient with me when I'm reluctant!

I love playing music together!
You put me at ease with your sweet compliments about my playing.
It's so special to be able to minister to others together 
through music!

Deb and Dan's wedding, October 2016

Thank you for listening to me, for constantly asking me
how I am, how I feel, how my day was.  

I so appreciate your teachable spirit and your willingness to learn from others.  This is one of the things that makes it easy to trust you!

Christmas Quartet Concert at the Mall, December 2016

Thanks for making me laugh, every single day! I love your tickles and all your nicknames for me ... I always wanted a nickname! :)

Thanks for making me laugh sometimes
when I feel more like crying,
 for helping me to not take myself
or the situation too seriously.

His smile!

It's so comforting to know that you are for me,
that you don't talk about me behind my back.
Instead, you praise me to others.
I know this is true because others have told me.

I love watching you interact with children.
You show an interest in and respect for them,
and they in turn love and appreciate you!

Summer, 2012

Thanks for praying with me; praying together is so special!
Thank you for sharing in my joys and sorrows
and always pointing me to Christ.

I love being with you, and I love you more
every single day we're together!

It's been an amazing year!  
Here's to many, many more!!!

I love you, Russell!!!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Deborah's Baby Shower

Most of our family and a couple friends went to Texas over the weekend to attend a baby shower Daniel's sisters hosted for Deborah.  Deborah and Daniel were blessed with a lot of gifts for their little "Baby Bunny"!

Deborah is decorating the baby's room with Beatrix Potter prints, so the shower was Beatrix Potter themed.  Everything was so cute!

Carrot cake cupcakes

Dirt cakes

A Peter Rabbit cheese ball

The guestbook was a Beatrix Potter storybook 

Visiting with friends at the shower

It was fun to have Cathi and Bethany come down from TN with us for the weekend!

There were Beatrix Potter coloring pages for the children

Looks like the children weren't the only ones who enjoyed them!  :)

Opening the shower gifts

A few of "Baby Bunny's" future friends and their mamas

Kathryn made the diaper cake for Deborah

The Rest of our Texas Trip

Visiting at D&D's Friday evening

Admiring Deborah's cute little garden

More visiting Saturday, after the rest of the clan arrived

Lunch on Saturday, before the shower

Cutting firewood to smoke chicken for dinner.

The Beemans came over to D&D's to visit awhile before the shower.



Kathryn and Trinity

Rebekah reading to Katie, David, and Trinity

Isaiah and Sarah

The guys had a basketball game during the baby shower.

Isaiah and James

Such a happy baby!

Taking a walk with the little Beemans after the shower

All of the extended Hale family and a few other friends came to the farm for dinner Saturday evening.

Michael and Cayla

Rachel and James


Hannah and Bella

Visiting with friends

Emma and Bobby discover the dessert - don't they look pleased?!

We had ice cream sundaes to celebrate Daddy's birthday.

Deborah and Weldon

Kelli, Hannah, and Elizabeth

Daddy, Mr. Hale, and Mr. Hutchins

Deborah, Daniel, and Weldon

Lunch at D&D's after church Sunday

Corrie and Emma had a "picnic".

Playing in the tent Peter made for them afterwards

Bethany, Corrie, and Emma

Stories with Uncle Andrew

Showing the shower gifts to Daniel

Amanda gave Deborah some Beatrix Potter wall stickers for baby's room.

The crib

Isn't it cute?  Now all it needs is the baby...just 8 more weeks to go!