Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Picnic at the River

A couple weeks ago we met our friends, the Farrises and the Gallaghers, for a picnic at the Tennessee River.

Clara and Livy enjoying their lunch

Hope fixing lunch for her little ones

Miriam, Amanda, Deborah, and Rebekah

Chris, James, and David


Nicolas, Patrick, and Livy found a blue bench to sit on!

After lunch we all went down on the rocks.

We only saw 2 snakes in the water this time... :)


Livy and Deborah

Emma and her Aunt Anna, who was visiting from Texas

Clara and Sarah

The kids had fun finding shells!

Nicolas is so cute!

Livy and Nicolas found a dead fish...

...and decided to give him a proper burial. :)

Precious Emma was so hot and sleepy!

Clara shows all her shells to Livy and Patrick

3 hot and tired kiddos!

So adorable!!! :)